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Thread: Recommend me an air-ride friendly shop in PDX

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    Default Recommend me an air-ride friendly shop in PDX

    Hey all!

    I've got this:

    and these:

    and I need them to go together so I can do this:

    Basically, I need someone to fab up some simple brackets for the air bags, but after spending all day today running around trying to get quotes and not having much luck, I'm not sure what shops in the Portland area would even want to bother the job. Basically, I'm hoping you all will recommend a shop that is familiar with air ride or at least simple fab work and isn't going to shoo me out the door because my Benz is old and cheap (*cough* Matrix *cough*) or throw me a ridiculous quote because they don't really want to do the job.

    If there happens to be a member here with skills with a welder and a bit of free time, I also would be more than willing to throw cash / booze / bomb-ass ribs off my smoker your direction in exchange for welding up these brackets for me.

    Thanks for any pushes in the right direction, everyone!

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    Call speedware motorsports in redmond!

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