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Thread: 18" BBS RS Prima Donna 10.5/11

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    Default 18" BBS RS Prima Donna 10.5/11

    Hey guys

    so finally putting these up. I barely even got to use these wheels, but I feel like before I get too attached to them ill put them up for sale. Anyways a little back ground as far as the wheels. I spent roughly 5 Months waiting for these wheels to get built. They are 17" faces stepped up to 18" wheels. The faces, and waffle caps were sprayed white, lips have been polished (and will be repolished when they get sold), the barrels are matte black, and the hardware is 24K plated. I have two sets of hex caps, a set of half heights in full polish, and a set of full heights sprayed in gold. All the bbs caps are red with gold writing. The lips are slant lips, with CCW valve stems and caps.

    I've owned these wheels for roughly 4 weeks now, they also have roughly 1,500 miles on them (drove to SOWO).

    PRICE DROP: Price drop! 3,650 SHIPPED OBO with practically brand new Hankook V12's. Please don't send me any low ball offers, not only are these wheels perfect but also took so much time to be built. Like I said im in no hurry

    **Trades** Not really looking for any trades unless they are 10" or wider. Wouldn't mind a set of VIP Modulars, Works, BBS's, HRE etc.

    BBS RS 316
    18x10.5 et 26 (2.5in lip)
    Hankook V12 225/40r18
    CB: 66.6 (will include hub rings to 57.1)

    BBS RS316
    18x11 et 24 (3in lip)
    Hankook V12 2235/40r18
    CB: 66.6 (will include hub rings to 57.1)

    Red BBS caps
    Full Height Gold (sprayed) OR
    Half (full polished) caps

    24K Plated

    Feel free to pm me with any questions

    Pictures of the wheels

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    Sent you a PM. Where are you located?

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    Since you started with the same centers front and rear and have the same size barrels with .5" bigger lips in the back, shouldn't the offsets be 6.35mm different front to back? Or did you shave down the backpad in the rear?

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    yes the rear back pads were shaved

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    That's a serious price.

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    as i said price is OBO, if anyone is interested feel free to send me an offer worst i can say is no

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    I have to ask.

    Gold plated hardware, but gold painted hex caps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MommysLittleMonster View Post
    I have to ask.

    Gold plated hardware, but gold painted hex caps?
    yeah didnt feel the need to pay another 400 bucks for plated hex caps. Like I stated in the ad, the wheels also have a set of full polish half heights that can come instead of the gold sprayed ones

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    so my car kinda took a shit on me, so Im dropping the price once again so I can fix the car

    4K obo lets get these sold!

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    kinda expensive for these wheels, i mean they are flawless but just a bit steep in price

    glws though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scweet14 View Post
    kinda expensive for these wheels, i mean they are flawless but just a bit steep in price

    glws though!
    i dont think they are expensive at all, check the 5x120 classified, there are set of these going for 4 to 4.5k without tires so 4k with brand new v12's is not a bad price at all. plus i think waiting 4 months for lips and barrels helps the price of the wheels.

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    BUMP! lets get these sold!

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    Trade for E28 Magnesiums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by das eighty View Post
    hey man sorry for the late reply but at the moment not looking for any trades

    but thanks!


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    price drop! 3.9k!
    need these gone!

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    I want these so bad... You want a ruckus? haha
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