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Thread: FS: Brock B12 - 5x120 - 18's

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    Default FS: Brock B12 - 5x120 - 18's

    A set of almost brand new Brock B12 wheels is up for sale, the sizes are 18x8,5 ET35 and 18x9,5 ET30, the CB is 72,6mm. As i said the condition is like "brand new", without any damage, no curbs, welds, cracks or whatever. Feel free to ask any questions.

    Price for wheels only shipped to USA = $1500

    Worldwide shipping available!

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    oooh... looks like fun. wish i had the cheese for these.. GLWS
    Quote Originally Posted by HooWybrow View Post
    Bro, do you even e30?

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    new price: $1400 shipped to USA

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    Maybe tomorrow, when the two of us don't laugh and talk like before.
    Who and who? Or do you give up that victory to me. 1v1 lol
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