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    Show & Shine Techno-violet 96' BMW 328i

    This forum looks like it's a bit dead, so I thought I could contribute with an old show and shine thread I made for a norwegian detailing forum, I did this about 8 months ago. So here goes:

    Front bumper was taken off because of installing new mesh.

    Time spent was about 25-30 hours.

    Products used for wash:

    18 litre bucket with grit guard
    Kärcher K5.600 high pressure washer (with Kärcher foam cannon)
    Ass. brushes (Swissvax & Mothers)
    Meguiar's wash mitt
    Chemical Guys Miracle Dryers 3x
    Surfex HD 1:5 / 1:10 (degreaser)
    Prickbort (degreaser)
    IronX (degreaser)
    Bilberry Wheel cleaner 1:1 / 1:10
    CG Citrus Wash & Gloss (foam soap)
    MG NXT Gen soap

    Pre wash inspection:

    Most parts has alot of swirls and some RDS (random deep scratches). Some stone chips that will get repainted this summer.

    Started off with cleaning the wheels and wheelhousings.



    (Before, soaked with Surfex degreaser)


    Brushed on Chemical Guys Bare Bones after wash and dry.

    Next, door sills and inside doors:


    Applying Surfex HD 1:10 with Swissvax-brush.

    High pressure wash.

    Same around the trunk. Car next up, prickbort degreaser on lower panels, and entire car soaked with Surfex HD 1:10 with a pressurecan. Used Swissvax detail brush on hard-to-reach places.

    IronX was also used on car and wheels.

    Flat water, means that I have successfully removed all wax-protection on the paint.

    Then car was dried with CG towels and clayed inside my tiny garage.

    Wheels was washed and degreased with Bilberry wheel cleaner, polished with MG's metal polish then topped off with Swissvax Autobahn metal wax.

    Time for polish:

    Scholl S03 Gold
    Scholl S30
    Scholl S40
    Eurow Shag Weave Microfiber(?)
    Kestrel DAS6-Pro DA. My rotary ended it's life half way on the first panel so only DA, was available..
    Scholl yellow pad (S03) / Hex Logic yellow
    Scholl Orange pad (S30 - S40)

    Ill let the pictures speak for themselves, I'm no pro photographer.

    Some rear light polishing:

    Some 50/50 etc.

    Exhaust was polished with MG All Metal Polish and topped with SV Autobahn wax:

    Shined plastic with some Meguiar's plastic renewer behind the bumper before installing new mesh.

    Reflectionshot of the roof.

    Then outside for inspection in the sun, and foaming off all polishing dust and oils left after polishing.


    Swissvax Shield
    Swissvax Onyx
    Swissvax Autobahn
    Nanolotus windscreensealer proffessional (all windows and exterior mirrors)
    Swissvax Pneu matt (tires)
    Meguiars Plast renewer (Plastic exterior and enginebay)

    Swissvax Shield (wax) was applied to doorsills, engine bay, trunk etc.
    The stripes on engine cover will be repainted.

    Inside hood I vacuumed all water out of the sounddeadening and cleaned it. Spare wheel well was also polished and waxed.

    A couple mood-pictures from my home.

    Over to the dirty interiors:

    Product list:

    CG Green Clean 1:10
    Vacuum (sucks water aswell)
    Meguiar's NXT Glass
    Swissvax Leather care kit with Forte strong cleaner.
    Assorted Brushes
    Meguiar's Interior Quick Detailer
    Microfibers and paper that doesn't leave dust.

    A couple weeks ahead I took a quick test to check on the dirtyness of my front seats:

    First step was to take out front seats (rear seats was taken out later, was quite nice to sit on rearseats while cleaning up in the front).
    Quite straight forward cleaning, spray on CG Green Clean, leave it for a couple minutes to work, skrub skrub skrub then vacuum while applying water till dirt is gone.

    I did another run with the vacuum after these pictures, it looked better in real life then when I looked at these photos after lol.

    Leather care next, sprayed on Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte, scrubbed like a madman, dried off with cloth and topped it with SV leather milk. Front seats will be restored with some color in the future, but they look allright now.

    A bit dirty?!


    Same treatment for the rest of the seats. Scrubbed backside of seats, doorpanels etc.

    Interior on it's way back in!

    As usual, it rains during summer in Norway so the pictures wasn't what I wanted them to be when done.... Atleast some beading is fun!

    Thanks for looking. Car has been lowered since, and now I'm restoring a set of BBS RS212 with bigger rear lips for this car

    BMW 328i Coupe Techno-Violet

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    thats some really good detail work
    Dude... My nissan has like a v8, man.

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    wow! great work! especially on the interior, the rear seat before and after amazed me!

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    Holy Moley.
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    Quitters never stance.

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    Thanks! Yeah, rear seats was quite dirty
    BMW 328i Coupe Techno-Violet

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    Always loved the Techno-violet and Dove combo, Great job dude!............ I need to do this to my e30, hopefully when the weather gets better.

    NOW! How in the F#%K do you muster up the balls to drive this thing after all that time well spent on detailing.

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    I would totally pay you to detail up my ls400 that i just picked up, its in a really sad sorry state at the moment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hella_RICH View Post
    Always loved the Techno-violet and Dove combo, Great job dude!............ I need to do this to my e30, hopefully when the weather gets better.

    NOW! How in the F#%K do you muster up the balls to drive this thing after all that time well spent on detailing.
    Thanks! And yeah, Techno-violet is my favorite BMW color so I'm glad I found this car, I'd love a cinnamon interior though, but I like this one aswell.
    I live in Norway, so that means the car is dirty after an hour on the road any time of year so it kinda sucks yep, but it is especially fun when it starts raining and you can see the how the water sheets off the car

    Quote Originally Posted by pjurisprudencia View Post
    I would totally pay you to detail up my ls400 that i just picked up, its in a really sad sorry state at the moment...
    Hehe, it's all about patience and the right products then everyone can accomplish these results
    BMW 328i Coupe Techno-Violet

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    Is the leather on the seats gray, or really light cream? I'm clearly color blind

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    Man, that's some exceptional work on the detailing. Nice job! To say the least.

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    Great work and great attention to detail.

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    Thanks guys The leather is very light gray, color is called hellgray (hellgrau). Going to do another detail on this car in a couple weeks now. And I have just refinished a set of BBS RS212 with widened rear lips for it
    BMW 328i Coupe Techno-Violet

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    Wow beats what I thought cleaning my car was lol. Looks great, need to do this to my e36.

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    Really good job mate !

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    Wow... I love techno! I need to do that to mine! But as you say, an hour later all your work is down the drain...

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    Awesome work man!

    I'm about to start detailing on the side again and I really hope to get into something like this!

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    I think Jody, along with Ashton, like to push the line between "street legal" and "realistically driveable".

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    I wish I had your patience. This is so awesome! Great work buddy

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    Thanks for the kind words Sadly I've sold it now, on to the next project! Here is a picture of how it sat when I sold it (I refinished an old set of BBS RS212 in poor shape for it).

    BMW 328i Coupe Techno-Violet

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    Car came out great man! I would have never thought of doing a tail light restoration during detail. Guess you learn something new everyday!

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    Wow! What a transformation. Best of luck on your next car.

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