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Thread: BMW Z4 Coupe

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    Default BMW Z4 Coupe

    Well as some of you may know my Smart Brabus had a gone through 2 driveshafts.

    Was down to being 'too low'. The engine would rock under acceleration suspension moves and driveshafts pop out.

    Had enough, went back to stock and px'd it for a BMW.

    So goodbye smart (as it was off to get repaired)

    IMG_7568 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    and hello Zed.

    Picking her from the dealer. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    All the fun stuff to come and all with time they shall.

    But I shall leave a pic of the gorgeous 3.0 6cyl block.

    36. Engine by NeilllP, on Flickr

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    great move, these things look great stanced.
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    Nice switch up!
    I dislike Byron.

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    That interior though!
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    Did some work today (for a change!)

    Tidied up my battery.

    IMG_7690 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    And some other shots

    39. Interior by NeilllP, on Flickr

    40. Rondel by NeilllP, on Flickr

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    That interior looks great. Love the red.

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    damn, this is gonna be good.

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    Okay so snow and run flats don't mix. Didn't fancy being stuck anywhere so started to take apart the car.

    41. Snow by NeilllP, on Flickr

    IMG_7699 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Boot light is rubbish so it will be an ongoing upgrade but this is the first bit of it.

    Took the pannel by the rear lights...

    IMG_7712 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Got me some of these...

    IMG_7717 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Drilled a few holes, soldered some wires and hey presto!

    IMG_7722 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    IMG_7723 by NeilllP, on Flickr

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    from a smart to a z4....

    Lol. Whut?!
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    Was sad about you selling the smart but I can already tell this is gonna be an awesome build! Great looking car!

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    Nice man. What better than the Smart.

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    This is going to look awesome!

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    Looking forward to the progress Neil!
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    really looking forward to seeing this progress!! nice looking car you have there and as stated that interior is pretty smart

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    this has a lot of potential, looking foward to it
    i have two e30's sitting in my driveway but sadly nothing happens very quickly

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    Cheers peeps!

    Quote Originally Posted by loekaaz View Post
    from a smart to a z4....

    Lol. Whut?!
    Numbers were too good to pass up on.

    More updates now.

    As you probably can tell, I'm a bit of an audio I started my build today. 3 weeks after ownership.

    Equipment to be used:

    iPhone 5 (as source)
    HRT iStreamer
    Audison Bit10D signal processor
    JL Audio HD900/5 amplifier
    Hertz HSK165 2 way component speakers
    JL Audio 10W7 with a high output box
    JL Audio CP208LG-W3v3 (twin 8w3 with JL's slot ported box)
    Stinger 4 gauge HPM wire


    >I will also have the factory stereo connected too, though it's only use is the bluetooth.

    >The midrange in the door will stay connected and left alone (for the bluetooth)

    >The primary source will be via the HRT iStreamer which is an outboard DAC for iOS devices

    >The rear stage will be upgraded too, with a separate amplifier (Alpine MRP-f300), the mid range will be replaced with a bullet tweeter and the woofer with 6w3

    >The 2 way components will be run actively (without the passive crossover), there will be some time alignment action going on hence the need to run active.

    >The car is relatively quiet already which is great, however there will be more sound deadening applied

    >With the exception of the iStreamer, this system has been installed in my previous car. I love how the equipment sounds and the flexibility of the settings/weight/compactness. Like with my old install, the amplifier and processor will both be under the driver's seat.

    Now for pictures

    Started today by offering up my equipment and gauging if any wire would need to be ordered. Luckily so far the wire from my previous car is long enough. Brilliant.

    After that, it was time to get the woofers in.

    Started in the afternoon but it was stupidly cold hence I didn't get any pictures making the first speaker adapter, for the second I did.

    Wood and jig.

    IMG_7854 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Traced and cut.

    IMG_7857-Edit by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Test fit.

    Test fit by NeilllP, on Flickr

    All sits nicely.

    IMG_7867 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Bolted the adaptor in.

    IMG_7872 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    And then the speaker.

    IMG_7877 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    That's all I've done for today. I've no need for the car as a daily driver hence the lose trim and wires everywhere aren't a concern. I will be taking my time with the build and making sure everything is perfect. The last picture the speaker isn't screwed all the way in as it'll be out again so I can chuck some deadener and egg box foam in the back.

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    Really liked what you had done with the Smart Brabus, but thanks for sharing your struggles with the car. With the potential of the Zed4 (especially a coupe) I'm sure it's going to be a brilliant build.

    Just curious as to why coupe vs convertible? (besides the fact that uk has shit weather

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    Thanks man!

    Went for the coupe for a few reasons.

    a) Don't like converts.
    b) Audio is hard to sound good in a convert
    c) the Z4 coupe just looks so much more badass than the roadster.

    With the weekend comes more updates.

    Deadener ordered (having used Dynamat and sworn by the stuff, Silent coat boasts far better value for money)

    59. Deadener. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Then set about applying the stuff.

    Door card off again by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Silent Coat. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Silent Coat. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Kicks deadened too. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    2 Layers of Silent Coat. by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Two layers in most places. Went on like a treat and did a knock test (as passenger side is completely untouched) and the difference was enough to put a huge smile on my face.

    Even the sound of closing the door. : Will be interesting to see the effects once the boot gets done.

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    Minor audio upgrades blah blah blah....

    now for some fun.

    IMG_8899 by NeilllP, on Flickr

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    Awesome Neil! Will be good to see it lowered

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    Thanks! I can't wait!

    IMG_8933 by NeilllP, on Flickr

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    IMG_8950-Edit by NeilllP, on Flickr

    Okay, so the car isn't slammed hellaflush or whatever you want to call it...yet.

    I asked for them to lower it by about 30mm. I didn't bother with all the scene activities of measuring, but it is a bit lower. Springs of course are still to settle.

    I will get some proper lows in a few weeks once everything settles in. Then I will set about adjusting the dampers to perfect the ride. Currently though, the drive home wasn't crashy or overly bumpy. Thumbs up from me so far!

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    Wow. I LOVE these things as coupes, the roadster is nice but the coupe is just amazing. Can't wait to see where it goes

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    some prep for DC...which is later on today.

    IMG_8967 by NeilllP, on Flickr

    can't begin to describe how much better the car drives. I'm very very happy with the kit at the moment! Now to source some wheels.

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