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Thread: Where to find blank barrels/lips for Epsilon

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    Default Where to find blank barrels/lips for Epsilon

    Hey all,

    First post here, I can't find what I'm looking for after searching and having a wanted ad up for a few years now.

    I have a set of Epsilons, 16x9.5 and I need to narrow the front two barrels down to the 5.5-6" range. I've given up on buying used ones much less finding someone with another set of wheels interested in trading parts with me.

    I'm a machinist and can bore the center and drill the bolt pattern on blank barrels if they're available, not sure where to go but I figured you guys would have the right sources. I'm not sure on the nomenclature for exactly what to look for in a lip if it's even possible to find a pair of wider lips for the rear that would match the front.

    Will upload pictures of what I have in a second, thanks for the read.

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    Whats the 3 digit number on the barrels I have a source.

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    Seriously, Use Google or Bing or one of the others. Type in “blank barrels/lips for Epsilon” and follow the links. It’s free, and it’ll take a lot less time.
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