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Thread: My EBP Turbo Galant

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    Default My EBP Turbo Galant

    The love a man develops for his car is something unexplainable. Ever since I got this car I havent been able to keep my mind and hands off of it. I call her BabyG and she is my streetwhore.

    She's a 2000 Galant that has been in my family since new. I got her in '05 and have been building her since. She was my daily driver until this past monday.

    In all of her stock 4x4 glory!

    At first, I wanted headrest LCD's and 19" Axis Phins. I didn't really know where to start, mostly because I was 16 and there wasn't a lot of parts available for the Galant. As soon as I figured out what i wanted to do, I got to work.

    Throughout high school I went through the regular stupid stuff 16 year olds go through, and no I am not talking about raging hormones and hair in places I didnt want hair in. I went through my F&F stage and lit the car up with NEONZZZZ and a fart can and a cold air intake. I went through that stage, and got over it.

    I've always been a performance nut so eventually I ended up wantin the car to handle and hold its own when it comes to power.

    The first set of Mods for the car were Tein SS-P coilovers and 17x8 Rota Battles with Yokohama Advan A046.

    The day after the install.

    I installed them the night before. The sway bar links were a real pain in the nuts to get off. It took me nearly four hours to get the fronts off and 20 minutes to get the rears on.

    Here's a pic with my first set of wheels.

    I also got some JDM 3rd gen taillights.

    I wasn't feeling the silver so I painted the wheels gunmetal and mounted the Advans on them.

    I also foolishly tinted the JDM taillights. the first time around was MAD dark.

    The car was automatic and for a year I was autoxing it almost every other weekend. I had a BLAST but I knew I had to swap it.

    I sold the Rotas to buy 5-speed swap parts and I flossed the car in the stock wheels for a while. Though, these were also painted gunmetal. Idk what my obsession with gunmetal was but I painted most of my wheels this color.

    Around thanksgiving of 09 I was able to finish the five-speed swap. I started with an 02 Eclipse GS trans before I dumped it all over the ground. I sourced a 05 Stratus Coupe trans and put her back together.

    The I got my second set of wheels. My mom wanted to give me a present for my bday for the car so she decided to get me a CLEAN set of OEM Mitsubishi 2G GST wheels.

    I also decided to lighten up the taillights.

    You will notice around this time I got my DSLR.

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    Drove her around for a while with the meaty tires and manual swapped and just cruised around with buddies and enjoyed the car.

    Hangin' out with my dude Myles (FABEL) during the Miatas early stages.

    Chillin' some more.

    I then got my third set of wheels. S14 240 SX wheels painted in Dodge Intense Blue pearl.

    Also installed a custom fitted Accord CD5 lip.

    This is about the point where the car felt slower as the days went by and I was thristy for power.

    So I decided to sell the blue wheels and go back to the GST's with a little twist to buy turbo parts.

    Initially, it took me 3 weeks between work and school to get the car running with the turbo. I used the EVO8 turbo and piping, fed it through WRX 440's with a 255 Walbro and tuned it with the E-manage Blue.

    Ended up switching to EVO 560's, EVO ECU, EVO coils, EVO MAF, and street tuned by Devin From Boostin' Performance through the EVO ECU. I also scored an EVO style hood in Fiberglass for a case of heineken.

    This was also around the time my crew and I got our first legit banners. Sosick.

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    Shortly before the car was tuned, my parents felt generous again and got me another set of wheels for christmas. 17x9 +24 Saleen SC reps.

    I mounted some used 225/45/17 Continental Contipro Contacts that I snagged from the tire room at work and slapped them on the car. the rear rubbed the whole way home so the next day i made use of my rubber mallet and some heat.

    Don't mind the different shades of silver, I was trying to make it look as uniform as I could without spending a whole lotta loot.

    I took this pic and thought to myself, "I have finally acquired STANCE"

    Got some recognition at a JDM Chicago meet.

    I thought I was finally ready to be satisfied and leave her alone for a while until my friends decided to get me some paint and some supplies for a weeding present and we set off to paint the car.

    It was our very own set of Overhaulin' the whole crew had a hand in prepping and painting the car.

    The day after the paint dried I put her back together.

    I got her wetsanded and buffed a couple of weeks later and yesterday was my first official photo sesh with the car being Electric Blue Pearl.

    And this is how she sits today.

    I finally got myself another vehicle so she sits in the garage most of the week. Gotta clean up the engine bay, do some maintenance like timing belt, water pump, engine mount bushings, and suspension bushings. Going to eventually start a wire tuck and shave the bay so I can repaint it.

    Thanks for taking the time and going through my streetwhores life with me. Though don't you fret, this is not the end... it is only the beginning.

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    Love what you have done with it. IMO, you need some better wheels to really set it off, some 18in concaves.

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    The paint improved the car so much. I like it, keep it clean.

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    Thanks for the kind words. This car completes my life as cliche as that sounds.

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    Nice Galant man, color is awesome.
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    wow, huge improvement. Changing the wheel color to silver some something like that, would really set it off.
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    this kinda reminds me of a giant evo. I like it. The blue definitely kicked it up a few notches.

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    Thank you! I've always liked Electric Blue Pearl. So when it was time to paint I knew it was the perfect color choice.

    I am contemplating getting the wheels powdercoated a different color though I'd like to keep the brushed lip. A whole different wheel with a stepped lip would be awesome as well, though that is not in my budget at all. haha.

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    Nice to see you made it over

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    Very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrg7243 View Post
    Nice to see you made it over
    Thanks man. I've been meaning to make a build thread here. Just been busy to sit down and go down memory lane.

    Quote Originally Posted by rice4life View Post
    Very nice
    Thank you. I enjoy the car to it's fullest and compliments only make it 10x better! =)

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    I always thought these looked good, must be nice that all the Evo parts just swap over.

    Definitely the best Galant I've ever seen. I really like what you've done with it.

    If you ever get new wheels, you should maybe consider getting some over fenders, and paint them. I think that would be too sick.
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    Thanks for the compliment man.

    Shes far from done so I definitely will keep up with the progress.

    As far as the wheels go, I was thinking of powdercoating the centers Graphite Grey Pearl. Would be interesting to see how it would contrast the Blue.

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    Drove her to work today to enjoy the nice weather. Put it up on the lift at lunch and find the lower left ball joint has a bit of play.

    Ordered control arms from Rockauto right away! lol.

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    Way to start bone stock and completely change the car. You're pretty quick and clean now! Haven't really seen a Galant built up, so props to that.
    The only thing lower than my standards is my truck.

    Build thread!!!

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    Couple pics from this weekends JDMChicago Season Finale meet.

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    Looking at this now makes want this gen Gallant.Definitely love what you've done here, I would strip the paint on the wheels and polish the faces, definitely legit none-the-less!

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    Thank you. I have been playing around on what i should do with the wheels for next season. I was thinking painting the faces Graphite Grey Pearl from the EVO. I've always been curious as to how the contrast would look. Tomorrow, I will start another round of wetsanding. I feel I could get the paint smoother.

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    man - just letting you know I've loved your car for a while now - keep the updates coming! very much looking forward to more pics.

    when I was younger in Hong Kong - this gen galant vr-4 was just about the coolest car I've ever seen along w the Legnum VR-4 and evo5. Its a shame Mitsubishi sent the US market such underglorified crap for so long - really sad to see how these cars were treated in the US. I think Mitsu is still def paying for it now - so hopefully their lesson is learned.

    The front end just looks like a mean bull ready to kill - keep it up!
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    Shes far from done so I definitely will keep up with the progress.

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    Holy fuck. That escalated quickly.

    Car looks fantastic, I like the paint color you chose. Also, the GST wheels and meaty tires look actually looked pretty badass too.
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