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Thread: (BMW) Darkside coming to Dallas ftw area

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    Default (BMW) Darkside coming to Dallas ftw area

    10th-14th of September

    If interested post up what you need done, and we can go from there.

    Feel free to contact me 210-577-9693

    Things i can do:

    Control arms and bushings
    oil pan gasket
    intake boots
    intake manifold swaps
    struts shocks

    I can also do coding
    Turn alarm on
    update all modules
    reprogram the dme with the European software
    If there is any m3 guys interested with smg i can also reprogram it with the csl software.

    I will be bringing all my tools and my fender roller. Also my laptop to code.

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    Plans got postponed till wednesday

    Everyone CALL ME THEN!

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