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Thread: Houston: North Side Graphic Results BBQ

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    Default Houston: North Side Graphic Results BBQ

    Tuesday, July 3rd.

    So, the Houston Streets Northside Graphic Results meet is having a big BBQ to celebrate the meet continuing this long. Everyone is invited! It's mostly a stance type meet, with some drift cars thrown in. Here are the FB post details:

    "Don't forget we have a weekly Tuesday meet.. starts at 8-11:30 please come to our other meets as well, but this meet is to thank everyone who comes out every week and everyone who all contributes to all the meets, the events, and much more.
    This is a BBQ there will be food (fajita & chicken maybe sausage) , chips, drinks and snacks!
    A plate will cost 3 dollars.. includes meat choice of yours, chips, a snack and a drink.
    be ready for an evening full of fun. There will possibly be a small fireworks demo. There will be some tables and chairs set up. but try to bring your own chairs!

    so don't forget to come out every week. and come support us!
    11816 Champion Forest Dr. Houston Texas 77066"


    Post up if you're going!
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    Thaks for sharing

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