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Thread: Michigan State University Car Show

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    Default Michigan State University Car Show

    For those of you who are in the Michigan area, come on out to the MSU car show on April 21st. Hosted by the MSU Racing club.

    Should be a pretty good turnout this year.
    It's always cool to see stanced cars at car shows. Nothing against american muscle, but it's a rare thing to have a good showing of imports and stanced cars at a car show in Michigan.

    Here's some Details.

    Cost is $10 to register.
    Registration at the event.

    Lot 40 is at the corner of shaw road and Farm Lane road in East Lansing, On the MSU Campus.

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    We may try and get a few to come out.

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    Thinking about attending... Haven't decided yet.

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    when is the 2013 date? coming to michigan from london, uk in between july and september, and i was looking out for any car shows, i know about the woodward cruise, but id like some more car related stuff.

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    Check out NoWo in Frankenmuth on 9/13 of this year too!

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