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Thread: Bagged Lambo Murcielago on Vintage HRE 454 !!! Slammed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    It's funny to see the different reactions on different forums. Most people here like it, but you should read some of the posts on the Lamborghini and Luxury/Supercar forums. hahah
    Someone really needs to put these on an early Diablo. LP & L-T don't have much love for the throwback on the Murci. This particular car pulls them off better than the white LP640 that was at SEMA, or the fact that the white LP640 looked so good with the ADV.1 that the switch to the throwback HRE was ***** by all.


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    jesus! that thing is effing nuts!

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    Holy tits im blown away!!

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    it reminds me of a nightmare I had. a really really hot chic was ready to blow me, but her mouth was sewn shut. kinda reminds me of what driving a super car with bags would be like. stink like new car....

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