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Thread: '01+ Civic suspension tech info

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    Default '01+ Civic suspension tech info

    Guys, no worries if im asking abit too much. Ill just get down to my local breakers and measure what im after.

    What im after is some measurements/geometry info for the front struts on an '01 onwards Civic. So im talking, length of the strut extended, pitch and diameter of the fixing holes to the hub assembly and internal width of the mount to the hub assembly. If I had a strut in front of me then id be sorted, but I dont so hence me asking

    Basically im asking because I want to see if they would fit my Audi as they have the exact same fixing method to the hub and to the track rod end. Difference is Civic coilovers are less than half the price compared to ones for my Audi
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    Call up Gaz brew, they'll tell you right away from their catalogues

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