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Thread: Car name thread

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    money pit!
    Vegas love! When I'm not doing dumb car stuff. I sell homes, so I can afford to do dumb car stuff!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E36Bimmer93 View Post
    It's lame, but I've always called mine Stonewall.
    GraniteSilber sort of reminds me of Confederate Grey, and like the great Stonewall Jackson, no matter what comes flying at her she stays brave and hangs in there.

    Some of my friends call her Silver Bullet, but it's not fast enough to earn that title yet Garde Meubles Paris. And I've had girls want me to name her after them, but that shit won't ever happen. So it's stuck with Stonewall until I get creative I guess
    But it could be fun to have the same name you don't find.

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    My current car is ‘Lord Fotherington’, or ‘Fothers’ for short.

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    I just call it a little monster

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    Love the car. Here's mine


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