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    Default E30 coilovers

    I have my old coilovers for sale, nothing wrong with them, I just upgraded. They're kind of modified Ground Controls, but really the only GC stuff left is the adjusters and camber plates. The shocks are Bilstein HD's from a 325ix that I sent back to Bilstein; the front shafts were shortened 1.5" and all 4 were revalved stiffer to match the new spring rates and the height I'd be running them at. The springs are Swift 5" 14k front and Hypercoil 4" 900lb/inch rears. The front strut housings have been shortened 2", have e30 M3 away bar mounts welded on, and have been reinforced where the spindle mounts to the tube. The camber places are Ground Control, as mentioned, and the rear shock mounts are old Turner Motorsport aluminum ones. They come with used but good front wheel bearings and brake backing plates.

    These go very low, I have had them on my last 2 e30's, pictured below to show the range of adjustment. They are stiff, but because of the matched shocks they still ride very well.

    Asking $1100, which is very fair considering the amount I've spent on them and the quality of similarly priced other kits. Shipping is on your dime, parts are located in Newport Beach, CA 92660.

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    This will probably fit my car if you're still selling the coilovers. Soon, a big ride expects me if I want to apply my research paper for this competition. It is only possible if I will be physically present in Aidaho which is hundreds of miles away from my college.

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