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Thread: Eurowise Project 500hp turbo awd 1984 rabbit GTI

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    Default Eurowise Project 500hp turbo awd 1984 rabbit GTI

    Copied from owner on

    "A few of you know me and for those that don't a a brief history of me and my car.

    I bought my 84 gti back in the late 90's and within a year the car was fitted with the typical mods of the time. Built high compression 2L 16valve, built 4k with LSD, suspension upgrades, some exterior and interior mods, bigger brakes and wheels (yes, wild cards... don't ****... :laugh, must-have fuba antana, and a few other random things....

    Then, the "bug" was planted into my head a couple years later courtesy of my sister (loopsnew), scott (assist racing), and old friend yoyo (yohannes). My sister convinced me to strip the car down and repaint it...

    then yoyo had mentioned I should add a "little" extra power (turbo) since the motor was out and after talking with Scott at Assist Racing, well, the rest was history and I ended up with what many of you recognize as my little "bunny".

    The build was fun, but all the people I have met along the way made it so much more of an experience for me. No one really understood why I'd spend so much time and money into something like a rabbit, except for some of you I've grown to know, enjoy, and respect! :beer::beer:

    Having said all that, I'm happy to say that the little bunny is about to get another big change in its life.

    This time, I've paired up with eurowise and after much talk, looks like its a go :thumbup: The project will take a good bit of time, but the end result should be all worth it!

    During this build thread I am extremely open to ideas and think eurowise would also appreciate information you guys/gals could share in regards to the build. We have discussed a game plan in regards to the swap, but like everything else, plans don't always go as thought so am sure this will be a long, yet informative process for us all! For those that don't know much about eurowise, check them out at Trust me, you've seen a lot of their stuff....

    I leave everyone with one last clip I took a few weeks ago. I mainly took it to prove everything on the car is functional and WILL BE FOR SALE. I was borrowing an 020 from Scott so I had dialed the car down to only 8 lbs of boost, so trust me when I say the car was just trolling around

    Anyways, hope you boys and girls enjoy this thread!"

    Donor car arrives

    the rabbit one last time before complete tear down

    the rabbit in its glory before tearing her apart was fast as it is!
    16v turbo air-air inter-cooled.

    process starts by tagging and stripping both shells

    the donor car suffered from major frame damage

    engine finally out after fighting around the frame rail

    next is the rabbits turn

    old transplant

    let the stripping begin!

    removed exhaust system from r32

    new motor will sit in a little something like this

    issues we will have to address like drive shaft clearance and steering rack

    old r32 dash support we will save and modify

    dash and support, wiring and heater box out

    wiring galore!

    cutting the old plate out

    bulkhead plate removed!

    now on to the rabbit

    dash and wiring removed

    removed all glass

    stripping the interior

    cut the dash support out

    test fitting the new dash

    Let the fabricating begin! Metal goods getting dropped off today

    16 gauge sheet metal
    12 gauge sheet metal

    1 1\4 square tubing

    spending hours and hours sorting through the r32 wiring harness and one by one removing all unneeded wires.
    plans are to have fully functional mfa, turn signals wipers complete comfort module from r32 in the rabbit

    so far just airbag related wiring removed

    wiring check list

    r32 almost down to nothing

    cutting floor pans out

    floor pans cut out

    rear seat panel

    cutting away

    rear subframe complete removed

    lots of stuff starting to build up

    rabbit as she stands

    some updates, welded in square tubing to keep the body still square while we cut out the floors on the rabbit.

    we braced it through out the car

    the old mk1 floors and frame rails were pretty mangled.

    mk1 floor out completely

    believe it or not the harness is actually a couple pounds lighter now

    pile is getting bigger

    knocking the modules, and components down one diagram at a time

    quick test fitment of the r32 floor

    [quote name='Scott Auto Body - Ian' timestamp='1286895676' post='103310']
    I never knew you guys had the capabilities to do such extensive work! PROPS!!!! :bow:

    you never asked

    More updates

    mocked up rear seat pan from r32

    welded the front control arm\sub frame mounting points from mk1 in place and then cut out to make room for the mk4 sub frame.
    we welded them to the square tubing so that the control arm mounting points would still be in their same location after cutting mk1 sub frame out.

    r32 sub frame modified and bolted in place. Just like stock somewhat

    shots of the r32 floors sitting in rabbit

    mk1 front control arm structures cut off

    where the mk1 subframe\control arm mounts were cut off we welded back in steel plates to reinforce the body

    just an idea of all the wiring not needed to properly run an r32 drive train. at least 10lbs at this point removed!

    r32 subframe mounting points almost done

    drivers side oem mounting point for front subframe mount retrofitted

    passenger side shot

    lower shots mounted up

    detail shots

    r32 control arm that was mangled in the accident

    Here is a shot of the frame rail on the drivers side from r32 where it ends on the floor pan. we used 2.5 inch .125 steel square tubing and built on to the floor to meet mk1 front subframe. Then went back and reinforced it with 12 gauge sheet metal.

    picture of the passenger side 50% built boxed in and reinforced

    floors completely welded in today and reinforced with 12 gauge steel along the door frame on the inside of the car

    Then welded to the steel plates were horizontal 2.5 in .125 square tubing running underneath the car across the front where it meets the tunnel.
    here is a shot of the drivers side where the foot pedal rest area would be

    shot of the 1.25 square tubing running through the insides of the rabbit frame rails before being all boxed in and covered up on the passenger side

    op shot welded

    Braced the front lower windshield panel underneath with 12 gauge steel. We will also be using it to build the new bulkhead.

    passenger side shot of the floor where the r32 floor meets the mk1 strut tower and frame rail where it is exposed. we will be bracing and sealing that up like factory.

    building templates for the floor pan

    drivers floor pan finished up and braced and sealed up from top

    shot from engine bay

    passenger side

    and then from the inside

    Modified r32 subframe built, and mounted in place

    also bolted in r32 power steering rack, and bolted r32 modular bulk head in place. fits just like stock! Kinda

    passenger side control arm shot

    drivers side shot

    driver side

    shot of backside where the magic happens

    top shot of the assembly bolted in

    passenger side bulk head template made and tacked in place

    shot of fabricated bulkhead from engine bay

    bulkhead coming together

    drivers side closing up

    top shot with gap that will need a closed up

    shot after with sheet metal filled in

    inside shot

    couple detail shots of small plates made and blended into bulkhead

    shots of bulkhead 80% done

    inside shot


    bolt in camber plates arrived

    rolled the motor back in to start mocking up the motor mounts

    side profile of how the engine will sit. the engine at its lowest point will come right up to the subframe.

    during placement the oil pan came in contact with the control arm so we removed the pan and boxed it in.

    Just about how the motor should sit once all bolted in

    trying again to keep it as OEM plus as possible we salvaged the engine mounting plates from the r32 as well

    shot removed from r32

    Now how the differential looks with all the added clearance and space from the new floor and bulkhead

    Details, details!
    When the R32 firewall was retro fitted to the rabbit, there was still a portion that needed to filled in with sheet metal. There were spots gave the firewall less of an OEM feel and just didn't flow right.

    you can see the areas above the black section which used to be in the r32. The 2 factory recess lines that go up vertically and then stop once they meet the added sheet metal didn't flow exactly like we liked. Buying a bead large roller was out of the option, and even then there wasn't any die's that matched the factory lines.

    So mike came up with the idea of have a custom machined sheet metal forming die made just to create the OEM lines again.
    Here's what turned out.

    It's also designed to have the inserts removable and can be interchanged with other shapes to make different forms.

    The overall size and weight is very stout weighting a whopping 25lbs but easily stamped the 16 gauge sheet metal.

    So here's how it works. First tool is located and holes are drilled. Then part is mounted and then lined up again.

    then the bolts are all torqued down so both sides pull together creating a shape.

    The final product is a continuous factory bulkhead line.

    repeat for other side

    and there you have it

    We then welded up the holes and grind down smooth.

    The finished product. A very lot of time and work and patience for just a couple little lines but all the details makes a big difference as a final product.

    Engine and transmission mounting points were fabricated and reinforced today.
    From what we've seen people cut the frame rails and box in the removed material and bolt the motor mount in the recessed area. A few things we don't like about that idea is it makes the motor sit 3-4 inches lower and everyone already knows you need as much oil pan clearance as you can get from an mk1, especially with a VR6 motor dropped in.

    Here's one example of a VR6 drivers mount from someone else's build. It looks very weak and has no material left for support.

    We also don't like how unsymmetrical. it looks with the flow of the engine bay, having 1 mounted on top of the passenger frame rail and the drivers recesses in order to make the motor sit level.
    so to solve that on the drivers side we machined a spacer to raise the height of the engine mounting point so the mount meets the frame rail at the same point as the passenger side.

    the passenger side mounting point tacked in place to locate the engine. We also used\retrofitted the OEM R32 mounting bracket onto the rabbit frame rail.

    shot of the engine mounting point now reinforced and cleaned up! Once finished up the mounts will look close to OEM as possible.

    shot of the drivers side before.

    Shot of the drivers frame rail after with the R32 mounting point welded in.

    close up shot

    quick peek of the drivers side engine mount 90% finished with motor installed

    making good progress

    installed the new adjustable strut tower plates

    quick shot of the frankenstein subframe\control arm

    mk4 r32 subframe with OEM intergrated mk1 control arm mount and mk1 sway bar mount

    quick shot with spindle mocked up. we will not be re-using mk1 spindle fyi

    under body shot where the driveshaft now runs thru the oem r32 floorpan and bolts into stock locations

    started working on the rear section of the rabbit today while we wait for Parts to arrive from Black forest industries, custom plenum hardware to build the short runner intake manifold, and turbo hardware.

    complete rear floor, strut towers, etc removed

    rear tower shots

    bolted up brake booster assembly

    bolted up complete r32 pedal assembly

    mocked up center console and r32 shifter cables

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    WHAT? insane build man!! you have so much knowledge

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    This Is Excellent... While looking through this thread.. i was like wow this work is amazing.. and then i saw that die to make the oem crease. hahaha i was amazed even more... Nice work. cant wait to see it done.

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    speechless.....most epic build ive seen to date.

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    Fucking tasty.
    Christof Goulart

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    Absolutely fucking awesome. Subscribed, PLEASE update us every chance you get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just pure greatness going on!

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    congrats, you win.
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    perfect man!

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    Want more!!! Sick build

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    That is just amazing!! What a sick build!! Really making my fingers itch for a project of my own!

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    Sick build love the work.

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    great build, love the talent and balls to start a project like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorradoMan1 View Post
    This Is Excellent... While looking through this thread.. i was like wow this work is amazing.. and then i saw that die to make the oem crease. hahaha i was amazed even more... Nice work. cant wait to see it done.
    I couldn't believe it!

    Amazing amounts of work... Props yo you sir! I shall await the next instalment.
    Quote Originally Posted by anth View Post
    Lucky they didn't come into your house and disrespect your whole family.

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    amazing fab work

    Jacques Cousteau could never get this low

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    can you provide a link to the vortex thread? this is a truly amazing build.

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    If Jesus made a build thread, it would probably be something like this... great work man.
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    thanks for the props guys. We will keep the thread updated!

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    my pants are wet... very very wet.

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    that is insane, i cannot wait to see this finished, it will be panty dropping

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    holy shit, this just might be my new favorite build thread

    ig: @jonnie86

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    What the fuck just happened to my brain!!!!!

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    Mind = Blown.

    Nice work guys, this is amazing stuff. With a little imagination and a shit ton of fabrication skill, anything is possible. lol

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    fark that a lot of fabrication

    props to you sir, amazing build
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