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Thread: bbs rf004 for sale california $2k

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    Default bbs rf004 for sale california $2k

    20200310_185516.jpg20200310_185505.jpg20200310_185518.jpg20200310_185509.jpg20200310_185512.jpgHey guys,
    Looking to sell my bbs rfs. They've been stored for about 6 years and I think its time to let them go..
    They're non aggressive specs, 5 faces total!
    x2 17x8 et40 with 1" lip and 6.5" inner
    x2 17x9 et34 with 1.5" lip and 7" inner
    hub bore is 72.6
    original 5x120 bolt pattern
    all original hardware
    one spare face, possibly 6.5 inner barrel, black bbs logos all included (barrel at my dads, gotta find it)
    there's a crack on one of the neck for the center cap mount on one of the faces from a cr*p tire shop
    nothing else wrong with anything no cracks bends welds or anything other than nicks here and there
    from storage and what was stated about the neck, nothing major!
    not currently looking to ship, located in the valley in california, (merced) might travel for extra just be serious.
    price is somewhat firm definitely firm if I'm traveling
    having trouble posting pictures but will troubleshoot and update this when i can. not spam! wheels were originally
    purchased from makukha and spare faces were bought from jantophile please don't delete!!
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    More pictures 👍

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    Hey are willing to sell the spare face?

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    Are you willing to sell the spare face? Separately

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    Where in California are you located? I'm interested. Very close to perfect fitment for my 5 lug e30.

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