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Thread: 5x114.3 Work Equip 17x9+10 ET20 UK SHIP WORLDWIDE

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    Default 5x114.3 Work Equip 17x9+10 ET20 UK SHIP WORLDWIDE

    OK so I won't go into non specific details because you guys know what youre looking at on here.

    Work Equips

    They're stripped back ready to paint.

    No real bad damage, just nicks and some scrapes on the lips, nothing major and if its your intention to keep them as is the lips will be easily refurbished.

    No centre caps.

    I'm guessing on here you're likely going to be in the US, PayPal is fine so long as fees are covered 10%.

    Shipping will cost around 250GBP but ask for an accurate quote.

    I'm looking for 1500GBP ovbo

    Sold quite a few wheels over the years on here so have confidence that you'll get what you paid for as quick as its possible (week tops).

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