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Thread: An Estate in the Rockies. 124 Series

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    Smile An Estate in the Rockies. 124 Series

    sup Fam. I gotta story.. actually more of a fresh breathe of air. Out here in the at the base of the Rockies i have a 1994 Mercedes Benz E320 Estate in two tone rolling in with only two previous owners, all documentation since original purchase in Beverly Hills, California and completely stock at 152,000 miles. the story is pretty cool.

    So back in the day ehhh let's say around November 15, 1993 this W124 Estate (S124 for short) was manufactured/built for a fella that went by the name of Clair Leverett Peck Jr. To give you an idea of who he was, Mr. Clair Peck Jr. was a contractor who literally built much of Southern California, from the Capitol Records Building to the Bonaventure Hotel and Library Tower to the Crystal Cathedral and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. (snippet from obituary of him.) Now I know your all probably asking, how do you know this information is true and he did in fact own the Estate. Well, Original Contracts from Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills verifies this information along with signatures copies and witness. I got the yellow copy everyone always pulls off and say's "That's Yours to keep." lol Trust me, I was just as shocked as you all are. I mean who has an ORIGINAL contract from 1994 with a vehicle sale??? I personally haven't seen one IRL unless at a car show or something. Anyways back on topic, so C.P (Clair Peck) picked up this two-tone Malachite Green (Code 249) with Tropengruen Metallic (Code 6856) Lower Cladding with Mushroom Cream - Beige leather interior to drive around good ole' Southern California to his numerous job sites to "check in" on everyone. Fast forward to 1998, C.P passes and leaves it all to the wife who hangs on to the estate until about Early 2002 when family decided to part ways with and returned back to dealer at Beverly Hills Mercedes-Benz. Here’s documentation of.


    02/29/2000: The time the vehicle lasted at MB of Beverly Hills was short lived because next thing you know it was on a vehicle transport truck headed to the Mile-High City; Denver Colorado to Owner #2 who went by the name of John J. (and no, it's not the radio host in Arizona who is with iHeart.) Haha John J. purchased the E320 Estate for his current wife so she would not have to walk 1.5 blocks to the hospital she worked at in inclement weather i.e. winter and snow. The E320 WHEN driven, went from garage to garage with little to NO TIME seen in the harsh winter environments Denver had to offer. Garage to Garage; less than 2 blocks per trip; equaled less than 25,000 miles logged for the Denver couple who owned it prior. Now, the good part..


    Fast Forward to 10/04/2017.. 9:04pm MST : Colorado : I messaged John J after coming across his For Sale ad on Craigslist. The post listed as weeks old and at this point I was messaging every 124 I found online to pick up another. I had already owned two since 2015 (300TE , than a 300CE) and sold both on executive decisions to pay rent when times were tough.. and sure enough 10/04/2017 at 10:31pm a response came back with "actually still have the car, a buyer never showed this afternoon for it... the wife and I just don't need the car anymore.. 25k miles.. etc.." My response was something out of a movie, asking what's lowest price to take?" No response for 2 hours.. Next Morning I check the email he sent in response to my offer expecting a counter offer of high amount and the response was EPIC "How much you got!" MIND BLOWN*** Given the opportunity to make one, I shot a cannon back of on hand cash.. I offered out the $400.." John J response, "If you can make it to Denver before lights end, it's yours.." A few hours later I signed the title and BOS, and drove away as the 3rd owner of the E320 Estate from Southern California. I will tell you this wagon has been a journey for both of. HereÂ’s some info.. a while binder worth



    - Year: 1994 - Make: Mercedes Benz
    - Model: E320 - Sub-model: Estate Wagon
    - Engine: Inline 6 - Transmission: Automatic 4-speed
    - Interior: Light Beige/Tan - Exterior: 2-tone Malachite Green w/ chrome trim


    Over the years I have replaced a lot of items and the list goes something like this:

    Updated engine harness 98+, Oxygen Sensor, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, Brembo Brake Pads, Engine Cabin Filter OE Front Bumper w/Matched Paint, Bilstein B8 Front Shocks, OE 124 Front Top Shock Mounts, Timing Chain Cover Gasket, Water Pump Hard Line Gasket, “Refurbished” M104 Throttle Body, Interstate MTX-49H8 Battery 1000CCA, Copper Torpedo Fuse Update, Overload Protection Relay – KAE OVP, Brake Light Switch, Bosch Alternator, Serpentine Belt - Continental, Blower Motor Regulator, Power Steering Fluid/Filter, Thermostat, Coolant Temperature Sensor, Coolant Temperature Secondary Fan Switch Sensor, Thermostat Housing updated w/ Bleeder Valve & Crush Washer, Radiator (Nissem Brand), Mono Diverter Valve , Coolant Level Sensor, Coolant Expansion Tank, Coolant Return Line (das.) and that’s about it for right now. Alot of the items that cost the must fell victim to the “eco-junk wiring” Mercedes tried to do in the early/mid 90s.







    Now over the years IÂ’ve had a lot of different looks and they all listed as such.

    11/03/2017 - I had finally got ahold of the wheels before the suspension because who could pass up $200


    08/26/2018 sold and went OE for a while ..

    05/29/2019 - ended up wheeling esm wheels 16x9 195/45 all around. Took home hot import nights best Mercedes that year.



    03/17/2020 - ended up working a lot after this picture was taken.

    05/29/2021 - ended up purchasing a third set of AMG Monoblock 18x8.5 215/40 , 18x9.5 rear 235/40. fitment was perfect. It fit just as it looked. Fun fact my corner lens fell off after this picture was taken.


    Sold the AMG Monoblock wheels for other reasons and ended up getting Monoblock IIs in 17x7.5 all around wrapped in 225/45. Honestly the tires I just left them on and worked around them. I removed the ysr front shocks and installed the bilstein b8 w/500e bump stop ,still kept the ysr springs with adjustment and 1bump stop for seat. adjusted front spring up 20mm or so and cleared tire full turn. Rear are ysr springs w/ sls. I went more function over stance now that its the daily.

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    Hey what’s up everyone small update for you sorry for delay. The wagon is chillin into the 2022 year getting prepped for the kiddo. So I finally swapped the infamous sls (self leveling system) in the rear to yellow speed racing coilovers, new components (thrust, camber arms, toe links) and e320 sedan control arms with new reinforced hardware. I finally was able to install the suspension build after almost a year. Beyond proud how it turned out. Measure 100 times cut once! Boom!


    Full system has been disabled by adjusting height tie rod to keep valve in free flow for lines; copper “shmAce shmHardware” plumbers cap for line to hydraulic. I swapped out fluid so old fluid doesn’t sit why system not in use.


    Half way swapping components (toe, camber, upper & lower thrust)


    Above I have replaced all control arm components (tie rods, camber arms, upper and lower thrust arms) to ensure everything would be nice and tight for itself.


    Took her an hour south for alignment. After everything he only had to adjust rear toe . Not bad

    Til next time ✌🏼
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