Hey guys, so I have a set of pretty rare wheels that I had machined to fit my car, doesn't matter what they are, but I've stripped them chemically to be bare aluminum, and primed them with zinc/etching primer.

There is a VERY small amount of curb rash; my plan was to jack up my car, mount them, throw her in first, and use the car as a lathe, then use a file on the lip, and 400 grit on the faces/primer, then shoot another coat of primer.

I also have some spot putty that I can use if there's anything left over, so I was going to do that next, then a coat of sealing primer. Once that cures, another round of mounting on the car and using just 400 grit, then 600 grit sandpaper, maybe wet sanding as the car keeps them moving.

Was then going to go to paint in an HVLP gun. Does this order sound correct? Would you even bother with build primer? I feel like build primer is out of place on wheels, I want my paint thickness to be as thin as possible, really, because of the heat cycles.

I bought paint to match my car, catalyst, reducer etc, and I'm comfortable spraying them but I'm a little afraid of getting the paint to lay down evenly IN the lug nut recessed areas; anyone have any tips?