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Thread: Teenage dreams, now I'm an adult with a wagon.

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    Default Teenage dreams, now I'm an adult with a wagon.

    Hey, been creeping the forums for a while now. Used to have a topic for my old Volvo here that didn't take off at all, but hopefully it will take off with this.

    Anyway, my name is Salvis, I'm 24 and I'm from Latvia and this is my ''build'' topic for my E39 525D touring. Its pretty standart spec, edition interior, 4 spoke wood trim wheel, 16x9, automatic gearbox, 3.0d turbo and custom remap.

    I've got this car for close to 2 years, traded it 1:1 for a pretty poor e90 and been driving it ever since. Over these two years I've managed to replace half of my injectors, restore the turbo and change the gearbox. Close to 400k. Around a year ago I scored some 540i front shocks that werent the best, but the top hats for v8 shocks are shorter, so more lows, but didn't last long as I traded them for some front coilovers (rocking that BMW rake, face down ass up) and the coilovers lasted me a whole week before they went bust.

    As my friend was freshening his E39 for the season, I bought off his old front fenders (way better condition than mine) and his 6 months old TA Technix front coilovers and eibach rear lowering springs with sachs shocks.

    Also got a bunch of broken M sport front bumpers for free which I successfully sold and bought a Hamann front lip, just need to buy and paint a new front bumper, cause mine is broken after taking on a snow bank at 70km/h in the winter.

    Will be putting the suspension and front wings on by the end of this month and then its time for wheels.

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    Got wheels, 18's 8.5 ET13, should be fine for now.

    And got a new front bumper and threw the lip on, bumper and lip should be painted and on in July.

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    Put the wheels on the car and added vinly strips on the rear end. Gonna be putting on the new coilovers and lowering springs this weekend + a custom exhaust.

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    Nice, do you plan on getting any spacers? I like the lights - it's different.

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    Yep! Cant decide if going for 20mm in the front and 15 in the back or 30mm in the front and 20 in the back

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    Got new TA Technix coilovers installed in the front and Eibach lowering springs with Sachs shocks + a new remap and custom exhaust, friend is gonna fab us some new tips.
    Just a neat shot of me trying out the new remap

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