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Thread: Porsche 944 S2 Build (if you want to call it a build)

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    Default Porsche 944 S2 Build (if you want to call it a build)

    Hi there fellas,

    my name is Lukas, I live in Cologne, Germany and this is the story of the coolest car I've had so far.

    But before we get into this, here's a little overview of the cars I've owned before.

    Also, if you don't mind, feel free to follow me on insta @thayqi

    1. 1998 BMW 318i Touring

    Got this car when i was 18 and studying at university, didn't have any money back then and spent every penny i got for "improvements" like a used interior with sports seats, driver side doors without rust, clear turn signals, a new stereo and stuff like that. Did my best to make it look better but all i could do was this

    DSC-0016 DSC-0038 DSC-0003

    2. 1997 BMW 520i

    My first true love and first decent car. Was a true bargain and I was really proud rolling around in this babe. PO did most of the work tho. He installed a full OEM M Package including seats, steering wheel, exhaust etc.
    All i did was lower the shit out of it and slap some Stanceworks banners on
    Had some bad luck with it though.. Car got impounded because german police doesn't like low cars and later I hit a frickin' badger that destroyed the front end and dented the driver side rocker panel. Shortly after having finished the front end it burned a valve which led to me parting out the car after receiving a used engine that had some parts missing and lacked compression on two cilinders and i lost my patience. (dumbest decision ever)

    DSC-0019-5 DSC-0042-1 DSC-0082 DSC-0132 DSC-1812

    3. 2003 BMW 525i

    My second E39. Cost almost three times as much as the first one and wasn't half as cool. Had some nice conveniences on board like xenon lights, front and rear pdc, cruise control and some more but also drank a shit ton of oil after the first year of ownership and cost a fortune in insurance.
    When the oil drinking took overhand i sold it and while it was listed on ebay some dude ran into its rear end before leaving the scene. Got some money from the insurance company and sold it a bit cheaper, was happy to get rid of it.

    DSC-2219 rhdr hdrpl

    4. 2002 Renault twingo

    Don't even ask.
    Cheapest to own and least of a headache car i ever had. Owned it almost 2 years and cost me nothing but 2 lightbulbs, a ziptie and a sip of oil.

    hdrpl hdrpl rhdr

    5. 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600

    Not having an enjoyable car anymore I had to do a different bad investment, got motorcycle license and this little beast to have some fun on sunny afternoons.
    Crashed it once, repaired it, still have it, still love it.

    IMG-20200426-193136-218 IMG-20200601-234825-880

    Now that we have this out of the way let's get into it...

    Last October I bought a Porsche... Took me some time to realize but it's actually not as crazy as it sounds.
    First time I saw a 944 and took a second look was when I was still at university and there was a brown early 944 on gold BBS wheels in the campus parking lot. Saw it there only once and haven't wasted too many thoughts on 944s since.

    Years later I came across the first pictures of some stanced examples and immediately liked what I saw, didn't really think about getting one cause I thought they were way to expensive tho. This was when I still had my trusty little twingo and browsed ebay and other platforms for a new car on a regular basis. One of these days I guess I came across the first 944 listing being surprised how affordable they are. One thing led to the other, I read through some forums, decided which 944 model i wanted, started searching explicitly for those and found some nice examples close to home.

    So things kinda got serious and I made appointments with two sellers and I must say both of them were really nice dudes, absolutely down to earth even though one of them had a shed with about 2 million € worth of cars and the other one having a little collection as well.

    Brought a mechanic friend to have a second opinion and finally bought the one in better shape.

    This was the day I brought her home:


    A little shooting with friends:

    IMG-2370 IMG-2405 IMG-2451 IMG-2560 IMG-2585 IMG-2428

    Did some minor repairs, maintenance, rust prevention and paint correction in the meantime.
    Then I got some fake BBS...


    And got rid of them again


    Then I got a set of wheels I always had a craving for... OZ Mitos. These are 8,5x18 and 10x18 made by OZ for the German Porsche Tuner Techart.


    Had these lying around for some time since I knew that mounting them on a car with stock ride height wouldn't do the trick anyways. That's when I got myself a nice set of H&R Coilovers and started gathering parts for the surgical procedure that deleting the rear torsion bars and installing coilovers on a 944 is...

    Since we knew we basically had to drop out the rear axle to do so I decided I'd rather get new mounts and bushings, brake lines, nuts and bolts for the rear end.. Better safe than sorry I guess.

    20210309-163430 20210309-163437 20210310-180319

    Now to the result after almost one week of wrenching and cussing:

    IMG-20210313-091407-694 IMG-20210313-091407-770 IMG-20210313-091407-827IMG-20210312-WA0071 IMG-20210313-WA0027

    I really love how she sits now and there won't be many drastic changes anymore, but some things are still to come.

    Right now I have a few things in my bucket list:

    - driver's seat has torn on the left side, will be repaired
    - new brake rotors and pads
    - second and more thorough paint correction, followed by a ceramic coating to keep the paint protected
    - transmission leaks a bit and has to be sealed
    - e-break mechanism inside the rear disks has to be renewed
    - roof mechanism doesn't work reliably
    - I'm having an eye on Momo prototipo steering wheels for some time now, might get one

    Hope you guys like my little build and I didn't bore you, I'll try to keep this up to date

    I'll have some more pictures made for sure and will post the best ones in here.

    Best regards to wherever the hell you are from!
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    I always loved the wide fenders of these cars. The wheels look great in them!
    Quote Originally Posted by aLaFleur View Post

    I've decided the best way to deal with rust is to just embrace it.

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    That's pretty much the only thing the 944 needs, bit more lows + better rims.

    I like it!

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