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    Gonna finally start my Build thread since Iíve got a new 190E that is actually clean and running well, itís a 1992 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3L, the bodyís in really good condition a minor problems with the steering but thatís it only has 120000 kms.

    But I guess Iíll start with some pictures of it how it is now car still needs Euro Headlights though

    Also I ordered some JNC 004 Wheels, Rear Camber Arms, Struts and springs to lower it just gotta wait for it all to come in and decide what tire size I plan on to run on the wheels that at 17x8.5, currently looking at some 205/40/R17 tires most likely gonna get them, plan on lowering the car quite a bit and getting the Cosworth Bodykit with a Evo I front Bumper

    Wheels I ordered:

    Stretch Iím planning for not much but should look nice:

    And here is why I want the Cosworth Body Kit and Evo I Front Bumper, this is @rasim_jr car on Instagram honestly a really clean car:

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    Welcome! always glad to have another W201 in here

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    Just installed my camber arms today, wheels should be here tomorrow but still need to order lug bolts and get some tires then wait for the hub-centric rings to come in, also need to take the car to the shop this week if I can get it booked in to fix the steering started pulling to the side a little bit every so often then I’ll be installing the suspension stuff and dial in the fitment.

    New camber arms in forgot to take a picture of the old ones but they weren’t too bad

    Tried to get a picture from the front but the wheels don’t really poke out but should look better with the new wheels

    Then here’s a picture with the wheels off and a close up so you can see the camber a bit better with the straight edge of the photo

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