I'm really bad about keeping up with my forum posts and updates. Hopefully I can keep this one updated lol. I present to you my E30 LS swap!

Brake System:
• Front: Wilwood 310mm rotors
• Rear: Wilwood 295mm rotors
• Front: Wilwood 6 piston dynapro calipers
• Rear: Wilwood 4 piston calipers

• Stock 3.73 LSD
• Sikky LS swap driveshaft
• 5.3 LM7 from a 2002 Silverado
• Rebuilt by B&R Speed Shop in Louisville
• LS6 intake manifold
• Griffin aluminum radiator
• 2 electric fans
• Sikky LS swap oil pan
• Sikky LS swap mounts
• ABS, heat, AC, cruise control delete
• Sikky long tube headers 1 7/8”
• LSX innovations alternator bracket
• ICT coil pack bracket
• MS3 Gold Box ecu
• Cliq Tuning e30 aero kit
Walbro 450
• Pioneer head unit
• Broken ebay steering wheel
• Rep Bride seats
• Takata harness for driver
• Full interior soon to be deleted
• Various stickers for go fast 😉
Suspension / Wheel Setup:
• Work Meister S1 16x8 et30 wrapped in Toyo R888R 225/45/R16
• Sikky front control arm bushings “lollipops”
• Ground Control complete coilover kit
• Front koni adjustables bolted in existing housing
• Rear koni adjustables
• 1 Pair front camber plates
• Set of Eibach springs
• 4 Ground Control bump stops
• Pair of rear upper shock mounts
Steering System:
• E36 325i steering rack to clear the oil pan
• LS1 power steering pump
• T56 from 2002 Camaro SS
• Spec stage 3 clutch with flywheel
• Sikky trans mounts
To be continued:
• Chase Bays e30 brake booster delete kit needs installed
• Wilwood pedal set needs installed
• Braided lines for brake system
• Gold Box ecu needs installed
• Cliq Tuning aero kit needs fitted
• Waiting until everything is done for a wrap as close to calypsorot as possible
• Roll cage
• Seat time 😊

I will try to upload the pics in order from start of the swap to now.

This is what the e30 looked like before the swap. A little Christmas spirit lol

Pulling the old M20 out

After pulling the m20, we painted the engine bay white. It got very dirty soon after lol. When everything is all said and done it'll get a respray

Here's the clutch that I got, as well as getting the engine and trans together and dropped it in the car!

I've never had nice suspension on any of my cars so I wanted to ball out on these lol

The brakes were my favorite mod. I just love the way they look with the wheels!

Here are a little bit of goodies that will go with the LS swap

The swap currently sits here, front accessories are on, rad is mounted. The only difference is that the coil pack brackets are now different which will be shown after this picture

The steering shaft was such a PITA to put in lol. Just like everything else on the swap.