Selling my 19" Champion RG5 3 Piece Forged Wheels. They came off a 996TT. They are awesome high end wheels. The wheels are in good shape, they do have a bit of rash and one of the rear wheels has a minor bend on the lip (runout was ~.04"). The other 3 wheels have no bends, and all 4 have no cracks. Cosmetically, they do have marks/chips & curb rash (a rebuild and replacing the one lip wouldn't be a bad idea). Priced accordingly.

Front: Diameter: 19" | Width: 8.5" | Offset: +49
Rear: Diameter: 19" | Width: 11" |Offset: +40

Researched to see what 911's these wheels should work on. They should fit narrow body 911's:

- 2005-2013 997 Porsche 911 C4/C4S/TT
- 1999-2004 996 Porsche 911 C4S/TT
- 1995-1998 993 Porsche 911 C4S/TT
- Should fit all 996/997/991 widebody 5 lug Porsche 911's

Feel free to message me if you are unsure whether these will fit your car.

MSRP on these was ~$6K
My price is $1200 + shipping

Can also just split the centers/lips/barrels and probably come out ahead!