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    It's been a long time since I last visited this forum but the modifying hasn't stopped.
    Here is a look at my daily SQ5:

    July of 2019, I sold my Abarth 500 which was my fun commuter for something much larger.
    Being that I have been a VAG owner for quite sometime with 2 other S4s in the household and a 337 GTi, I opted for a SQ5 for a family car.

    Shortly after pickup:

    First thing's first, dropping her on KW HAS as the OEM wheel gap was extremely stupid. On top of that, I added a 034 Motorsport RSB to help reduce the roll on this pig.
    I also ended up installing a Roc-Euro intake that I had left over from my B8.5 S4 being that I went with APR's CF open element on that car.

    Next came the carbon mirror caps and somewhere between, I ended up getting reflashed with 034 Motorsports Stage 1 tune.

    It sat like that for a few months until I mounted new wheels. Niche DFS M222 22x10.5s.

    Next came the Quattro grill. I feel they are way more aggressive in comparison to the stock and provided slightly better flow once I got my H/X.

    The KW HAS didn't go low enough for me despite riding extremely well and enjoying my time with them. I got a good deal in KW V1s from a buddy of mine so I swapped them over.
    Prior to this, I also had a custom exhaust done. This setup may change as I do intend to find a solution and create a valved setup.

    At this point, I wanted more power and ended up opting for a JHM H/X for cooling and paired that with 034 Motorsport 57mm S/C Pulley + 190mm Crack Pulley and a ZF tune.
    It ended up dynoing at 375awhp and 375ft/lb on a 91 stage 2 tune and still catted. I'm considering switching to E40 (91+E85 blend) and going for a larger TB with a ported supercharger.

    Just about a year in and quite a bit has been done. More is to come on the daily driver though.

    Paint correction and ceramic coating done on 7/11/20.

    Latest Photos:

    I think I will be swapping wheels pretty soon. 2 different sets of course. 20x10.5 TE37s Ultras and a set of 22x10.5 HRE FF11s.
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    Sweet looking SQ! Love the wheels, they suit the car quite well, excited to see how the new sets look though!

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    Looking fire man ��

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    Great looking. Love the wheels

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    Looks awesome man. Talk about a sweet daily.

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    looks awsome. cant wait to see it with new wheels

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    As a B8.5 S4 owner, and an admirer of the SQ5, I like what you've done with her.

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    Looks great, and sounds mean.

    Excited to see where this goes.

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    This is a super clean daily man, nice work!
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