Not sure if i'll have luck posting here seems like there's not many recent posts about W201's and W124's but i was looking to lowering my 87 190E quite a bit but have it so i can still get over speedbumps haha.

I've found most parts i want already i just need to order them but was looking for front struts but wasn't sure what ones would be best, a lot of people say to use E36 coilovers in the front but i wasn't sure of exactly what you'd have to do to put Racelands in the front there's a lot of different answers, some people say the struts fit right in and that the springs just cant take the load and some others say the struts don't fit in, Another option i was thinking about was the Bilstein B8 Performance struts since there for lowering and bolt on but if there were any other struts that would work up front that you guys know of would be awesome if you could leave a comment. Was going to get W124 springs and cut a few coils off still have to decide how many and either Saab 900 or 95 Ford Ranger shock absorber for the rear

Thanks for reading