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Thread: Bmw BBS RS 7xx prototype wheels

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    Default Bmw BBS RS 7xx prototype wheels

    hi people

    i'd like to share some info an pictures of my bbs set ; bbs told me that these are custom made by bmw , but haven't had an answer from bmw to confirm this.

    they are style 42 ish wheels ,with the strange spec of 18x7.5j et49 , they have engraved specs and part number, the center cap hole is bigger than usual rs7xx but other than that no big differences.

    i attach some pictures and let me know what you think about
    they will be restored soon

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    Very nice rimes!

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    Hey Haty, those are nice wheels! But if you are looking for quality and affordable wheels, you can check 4WheelOnline. They have many a wide selection of brands that you can choose from.

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    Nice wheels!

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