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    Crashed (totaled) my GTS wannabe back in early 2018 after my life kind of i sold everything old and got into newer stuff, mainly a new girl and a Cayman.
    6 months later i realized i'm not able to live without old metal(or with the new girl) in my life and bought a garbage bin that's been sitting for 10 years with a broken aftermarket sunroof and a missing window....also with missing interior, slightly crashed on every single panel...missing wheels and everything else either broken or missing.
    About one year later it was ready to drive...far from perfect...but one car in one piece.
    Slowly got it to be a reliable driver and then designed a supercharger kit to bolt on the 924 engine while keeping all original parts in their original position.
    Now running a very low boost level of just 0.2bar with no intercooler. Probably not pushing more than 150hp and 200Nm.
    But torque is available instantly from any rpm, feels like an electric car but sounds proper oldschool.
    Its no show car, nothing extreme or perfect about it...its a car for the road, not for parking lots.

    While the GTS wannabe was my childhood power dream build...this is my grown up grey hair build.

    The car is somewhat special, its one of the very last 924s ever produced. Made in 1985.
    Literally last day of production, within the last 50 924s ever made (with the 2L motor as they made the 924S until 88..but thats a 944 with 924 panels)
    The very last 2L 924s had some small factory upgrades like thicker sway bars, heated windscreen washer nozzles, improved CIS, electric hatch opener, late 944 side trim and some more smaller things.

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    Love this <3
    My BMW E36 318ti Steel Blue Compact build thread -

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    Fantastic photography man.

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    Sunday with friends.

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    The car and the photos are spot-on, very nice

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    If you area a student all you will need the car is to travel to college and maybe run daily errands. So this massively cut down the competition and help you focus the car you need. So for first your car take this nissan kicks
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