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Thread: Hoosier R6 Racing Tires 19"

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    For sale are some used but like new condition Hoosier Racing tires. They only have one track pass on them so still pretty new. Sizes are 2x 295/30/19 for the front and 2x 345/30/19 for the rear. They came off a C6 Z06 Corvette, they were on a spare track wheels that only got used once. New these for for $480/$520 each so I'm selling them for half the price, asking $1000 for all 4. Willing to separate.

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    Hoosier R6 tires are some of the best tires to use in car racing on the circuit. There are many reasons as to why i would recommend the hoosier R6. They are slight cheaper compared to other tires thus cost saving. Compared to other tires it is soft and does not not slide that often while on the truck. Being soft it ensures a firm grip on the track thus making it very convinient for racing. The hoosier R6 has got a long life span as it can go for a many laps and cover more distance before wearing out mainly because they are designed for dry weather road.

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    Price includes shipping to mainland US.
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    New Price. $800 Shipped.
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    *Wheels not Rims*

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