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    Hey guys, recently bought a 1992 miata and I am excited to stance it. I dont know much about stance so I need all the help I can get. Im from LA so if there's any miata owners around LA maybe we can link up.

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    Hello guys, am new to the forum and looking forward to interacting.

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    Hi, I'm new here too. Right now I'm driving my favorite Ford F150. Would love to discuss pickup trucks and learn how to maintain them

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    Sick Miata looking forward to seeing more pics!

    Bagged 15 BRZ - Airlift 3P, OFT E85

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    Post some pic of it lowered

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    I've seen lots of Miata projects in Poland, especially drift missiles, lowered as hell, with wide body kits and tight fitment.
    You can check profile on Instagram, they have sick Miatas there!

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