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Thread: Hana the MKV

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    Cool Hana the MKV

    welcome! this thread was originally on a different forum but everything was frame bang gang

    this build started off as an 07 VW Rabbit
    and we currently are at a 2007 BMP coupe VW GTI em kay five as the kids say

    most of these updates are from way back. I'll try to add a timestamp here and we go

    this was the rabbit that started it all...bought it completely stock back in 2010 or 2011

    it had the usual vw issues

    I did some exhaust work to it lol (+69hp)

    bought some wheels after it was on racelands with FK Highsport(?) iirc front spring in the rear of the car. The dude would not budge on the price...and lied about the wheels. Once had a crack in it.

    forgot to close my gas cap once and and started to panic bc could not figure out what this light was for

    bought a pair of amg aero Is...they needed some love

    couldn't fit the rear crossfires so i ran a drift spares 'look' for too damn long

    did some idiot shit in my young days after I had bought a set of Brabus Monoblock IVs (wish i never sold these)

    my friends tried to suck each other

    I got rear ended once so I took the rear apart

    car looked pretty decent here

    did some more half ass 'refinishing'

    got some ksport rear camber arms.....don't ever buy these if you're low low

    drove to LA and got a flat + a ticket

    but i got to see a space ship so it was worth it

    UNTIL I WAS HEADED BACK HOME AND SCRAPED THROUGH MY ATF PAN and had to be towed 150 ish miles

    at this point I thought my trans was done

    I had driven about 50 miles without realising I was leaking fluid..

    gave me some time to hang with my other car

    after I did a fluid flush and a new pan I got a MKVI headunit

    bought a terrible ecs skid guard that ended up cracking the bottom of my radiator support on the first day

    terribly lazy polished the brabus wheels

    got some ug oettinger skirts

    curbside maintenance is always fun

    got some BC BR extreme lows

    did some maintenance

    some oil pan action

    got a votex rear at some point. It had a huge crack in it but I got it for $20 so it was wel worth it

    did my mounts

    those brabus wheels really work in the rear

    I bought a saab at some was a real saab story

    got some cool tails for $50

    bought a spare e21 for some cool stuff

    finally got the rear crossfire

    Scraped through my fuel tank wow that was so fun...

    this is where I bought the gti and was swapping everything I could over. put the rabbit up for sale at some point too

    was driving to sf when my fuel pump started cutting out

    j chillin in the parking lot after work

    i thought i was cool.

    broke my fuel pump on 580 on my hbd

    had some g35 wheels at some point

    my power steering went out from hitting the ground too much...decided to upgrade the pendulum bushing while swapping a new subframe in

    lol the old one was cracked.....

    and this is essentially where i am today. I'll try to update with a better timeline and mods

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    you really live that static life man... i would have raised it a bit if i had half of those issues... car looks good though.

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    this is cool, proper static lows, and I love the clear tails on black!

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    YES MAN static team here, is it still this low?
    Love the crossfires actually, never seen them off the crossfire

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    Looks good, love the clear tails look!

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    You are committed! I'd have given up or switched to air a long time ago.

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    Yeah agreed with everyone's sentiments, proper respect for going through all of the issues you have and staying static and that low, I tip my hat to you bro.

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