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Thread: Painted Engines and Color design

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    Default Painted Engines and Bay Color design

    Hey I'm struggling to find really clean, well thought out color schemes for engine bay and motors for my build. Anyone care to share theirs or some really clean examples from around the web?

    I'm not looking to start an argument about the pros or cons of painting your block and accessories, lets leave that for the tech talk!

    Here's a few I found I thought were clean. Not limited to cars btw

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    These are the projects. Good photos!

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    Your project is pretty cool, thanks for giving these images. minecraft classic

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    Through the caption users will be able to know more about Painted Engines and Bay Color design, so we hope that this can be what there are many in need will like. Can anyone tell me more about the information technology dissertation as that was what there are many in need will like for sure?
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