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Thread: VOLK TE-37 Saga 17x8.5 +40 & RacingHart CP-035 17x7 +38

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    Default VOLK TE-37 Saga 17x8.5 +40 & RacingHart CP-035 17x7 +38

    I'm selling a few sets of wheels I no longer have room for.

    –I'm located in Manhattan Beach, CA. At the moment I will not ship.*
–Please PM me for more info or pics.

    Thanks for looking.

    Set 1

    Color: Bronze
    Size: 17x8.5 square

    Offset: +40
    Bolt pattern: 4x100*
    *Face two: see pics for concave scale–these are slightly concave.*
    *Wheels only, no tires, valve stems or center caps.
    Price: $2,800

    Notes: These are one of the newer editions with an etched logo on the spoke and lip. These wheels have maybe 200 miles on them. I purchased them from Art of Attack (formerly known as Nemo's Garage) and had to wait a few months for them to show up from Japan. They have driven to a few local car shows and a photoshoot, that's it. Even the barrels are still perfect. Pics attached–I can take more upon request. Tires are not included.

    Actual wheels:

    Sample pic of Odula Demo ND RF with 17x7.5 +38 4x100
    (*Note these are face1 and one inch smaller in width)

    Set 2
    RacingHart CP-035
    Color: Originally white, they were Plasti-dipped grey by previous owner.
    Size: 17x7 square

    Offset: +38
    Bolt pattern: 4x100
    *Wheels only, no tires.
Price: $1,000

    Notes: Up for sale is a set of old school RacingHart CP-035 lightweight wheels. They weigh less than 13lb each, lighter than any comparable forged wheel–RAYS/Volks, SSR type-c, etc. They show some ware as expected for their age, but overall good shape.

    Actual wheels:

    ADVAN A048*
    SIZE: 235/45R17
    Price: $350 obo

    Notes: This is a semi-slick street-able track tire. These tires retail for roughly $250 ea. One tire does have a good chunk in the tread from rubbing the inner cut fender of a widebody car. They are older, tire production date is roughly 4 years old. They came off of a show car.*

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