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Thread: Intro: s2000 & Widebody EJ6 Civic

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    Default Intro: s2000 & Widebody EJ6 Civic

    Hey Stance Works friends,

    Coming to you from Los Angeles. I've been on this site a million times but for some reason I never made an account. So here it is...

    My two money pits below.

    Long trem relationship:

    6 year sand counting:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Widebodyek View Post
    Hey Stance Works friends,


    ... [/img]
    This is a dope lookin bumper!!!
    Always seeking inspiration from car enthusiasts around the world

    IG: @nomabellana // @klassecars

    e23 735i
    e28 525e
    e36/7 z3
    e87 120i

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    Your civic looks like an absolute monster!

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    The Civic looks it came straight from the early 2000 and I love it!

    S2k looks good anyway

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