Ok, the car-free season then lasted about a couple of months before I went to get myself a 2006 Golf R32. The car has an dsg gearbox, exterior color laser blue pearl and mileage of 192000km's.

The car is very clean for its age. Outside there is no rust other than little spot on the tailgate next to the VW logo. The bonnet has a little bit of rock stroke. Those are meant to be painted at some point before summer. Skirts and bumpers have been painted earlier.

The interior is also in very good condition. Actually, the only complaint is in the driver's seat with a hole in the side. Fortunately, the fabric bench is easy to repair.

Future plans are lowering (of course) and wheels. I already test fitted my Futuras and they fit perfectly. It just needs lowering. I also bought Milltek non-res exhaust so that the vr6 sounds like it should.

I couldn't upload any pictures for some reason.., but I will do it on the weekend.