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Thread: W201 Die Reiser Build

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    I have been working on my twincharging, originally I was going to use the stock manifold and modify for the turbo flange, but the stock manifold is garbage and the flow is trash. I ended up buying some sch10 weld els and Ts and made my own log, with a massive 60mm HKS knockoff (with real HKS diaphragm and such). Fitment was tricky but I have room for my 3" downpipe, supercharger intake, turbo intake, bypass, wastegate, and still some left over for heat management. LOL

    I also got a "new" untouched engine harness, and I am shaving the bay of all unneeded wiring. MY ECU will be the new RusEFI Hellen (built in wideband, ETB control, knock etc....) that has the Mercedes 128 pin plug built in. AKA Plug and Play baby. Just needs a subharness for my additional sensors (running 3 map sensors, wideband, coil on plug, egt, etc...).
    Pics of the progress in the next post.

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    You're killing me on the pic-tease!
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