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Thread: EVO VIII From Australia Down Under

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    Default EVO VIII From Australia Down Under

    Hey all,

    Wanted to start a thread about my evo journey. I have owned this evo for nearly 3 years, and have done a lot to it along the way.

    Picked it up on a Saturday morning after spending 15 hours driving halfway across the country the day before. Myself and my best mate left Adelaide at 2am in the morning and arrived in Sydney soon after 5pm that night. Most of the best evos in Australia are found on the east coast so while it was a long drive, it was worth it in the end... I have always dreamt of doing a big road trip to pick up a new car, and I can definitely say that I have now ticked it off the bucket list lol. I have been wanting to find a place to document my journey and Facebook just does not offer that possibility, so I hope you all enjoy....

    Anyway here she is the day I picked her up, I have come to call her Evolyn these days, and needed to remove the front bar to get her onto the trailer:

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    We had a long trip home, and planned to do it over the following 2 days, aiming to get home early Sunday evening. With such a long trip we were concerned about stone chips inflicted along the way. Nothing some old sheets and pallet wrap can't fix:

    After some final checks to make sure everything was secure, we began our journey home...

    Drove through the beautiful blue mountains upon leaving Sydney:

    Quick stop for petrol and everything looked good for the long trip home:

    On our trip over, and in the weeks leading up to it we discussed the idea of stopping in Bathurst on our way home. Those that are not aussies will not recognise the name, but Bathurst is home to one of the most prominent race tracks our country has to offer. With an 11am temperature of only 3 degrees we thought about giving it a miss, but god am I glad we decided against it:

    Here we were entering pit straight:

    Unloading for a couple quick laps and pics:

    The great thing about the Bathurst Race Track is that during times of no racing, the entire track other than the pits area is 100% public road. It holds a 60kmph speed limit, and is policed heavily to ensure road users obey the law, but for guys like me, it is an amazing chance to drive both a public road and world class race track at the same time. So very glad we made the effort to stop, as it was definitely the highlight of the entire trip. Entering the track from the car park we unloaded the evo:

    Pit Straight:

    A couple shots at the top of Mt Panorama, also known as the mountain:

    Then a shot just before we loaded her back onto the trailer for the rest of our trip home. Notice the smile from ear to ear

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    awesome little read, i am one for doing cross country road trips.

    how come you decided to trailer the car home and not fly and then drive the evo back?
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    Good question! Mainly due to the distance because each way Sydney is about 1400km away... This was my first stanced car & I was not confident enough to drive that far with only a couple days to do it in. In the space of 3 days we drove nearly 3000km haha... Looking back at it I would have been ok to drive it, but a mate & I went over together and treated it as a bit of an adventure...

    After a very long three days, here is how she sat when we got home:

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    Love this, pic on the pit straight is great, I prefer them with no wing, white wheels on silver is always a winner.
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    ^^^ Thank you! Agree 100% about white wheels on a silver car, it is such a fresh look in my opinion...

    Been a bit quiet lately as I had laptop issues, all fixed now and I am back online. So first item on the list once I got the car home was to have its registration transferred into my home state. While this is a bit of a pain in the backside, it was a good excuse to work on the evo and get to know things about the car. For transfer the car needed to be inspected, so I needed to ensure all aftermarket parts were taken off the car and the car returned to stock. This meant wheels/suspension/exhaust/bov etc, with probably a few other things I have forgotten about...

    So here she was setup back to stock:

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    love it.

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    How often do you have to go back to stock to get the car inspected? Seems like a massive pain in the arse

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    It is a MASSIVE pain in the ass haha. Hopefully I only need to do it once, now that it is registered in my home state I won't need to have it inspected again. Unless of course the police defect me for illegal modifications to the car... Here in Australia we have a hugely painful road law system that pretty much makes any modification to your car illegal... We can have modifications engineered to prove safety but that certainly does not stop police defecting your car anyway... Here car enthusiasts are treated much the same as criminals, i guess it is easier for a police officer to write up a ticket for a modified car than it is to catch a thief... Knock on wood I have never been defected but if I am in the future it will need to pass an inspection and I will need to put it completely back to stock... That is the risk I take though and if it happens it happens, I always ensure I keep all stock parts for my cars as a just in case measure...

    Anyway, after the car was successfully inspected, she was put back to the way she was pretty much straight away haha

    Purchases for the evo also began lol, started small but definitely needed as the car only came with the one key. New OEM key purchased and cut/coded at my local Mitsubishi dealer:

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    So a big goal I have with this car is to maintain her as best I can. Most of the parts I took off to transfer registration were still quite new, but very dirty. Every piece I took off, I have wanted to ensure go back on in pristine condition. ****** the oem exhaust so much, going back to the 3" cannon was my priority. So some cleaning & polishing were in order:

    Until finally it was clean enough to go back on the car:

    Also spent some time on the Voltex Diffuser as it was pretty beat up when i got the car...

    Nothing that some work and fresh paint can't fix though, pretty happy with the result...

    So slowly but surely ticking things off the list.

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    Soon as I saw the first photo I was like, heyyy, I recognise this car! Also familiar with east-side car buying adventures (twice haha).

    Josh has done some killer work showing this off too.

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    ^^^ Nice man, Josh is a god with the camera, I absolutely love catching up with him, my wife says I am high as a kite for days every time haha.

    So next with the car I faced a dilemma... After spending some time cleaning up the BC Golds that the car came with they were looking like new again:

    But I found myself procrastinating putting them back on the car, and the reason was it meant I had to remove my front bar to get out of my driveway every time I took the car for a drive. While that task is not too bad it is still a pain compared to pushing a button on your smart phone to raise the car when & if it is needed, so I bit the bullet and ordered an Air Lift 3P System

    So next up was to start planning the install process

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    So the next phase of mods to the Evo occurred over a single weekend, and I would rate it as a top 5 in the best weekends of my life. The joy bagging this car has brought me is indescribable... With the help of a couple close mates we started work late Saturday morning, finished up around 10pm Sat night before coming back Sunday morning to finish things off. Install went smoothly and the three of us had a tonne of fun in the process.

    Pictures always help paint a better picture than words, so here was how the Evo sat the day of the install:

    Front bar off to make life easier:

    Time for some wrenching:

    Management deep in the planning process

    Front & Rear Struts in:

    Interior out to work out best path for the air lines:

    Mocking up placement of the tank, manifold and compressor:

    Peak a Boo:

    I found an awesome company based in the USA called Winter Fabrication Online. Shipping was as much as the mount cost to fab but well worth it in my opinion:

    Gave it a quick coat of black:

    And really happy with the way it helps mount the manifold:

    And this got us to a stage of being able to install the wheels and see our hard work take shape:

    Aired Up:

    And Aired Out Baby:

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    To say I was happy after the weekend is an understatement

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    awesome read. love it.

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    ^^ Thanks man! I was definitely pretty chuffed with the direction that car was going at this stage, and just in time for its first show!

    TrackFest 2018:

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    Nice to see people still build these iconic cars. Keep up the awesome work.

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    ^^ Thanks man! Always loved evos and always been into Stance so this car was inevitable haha...

    Spent some time tidying up the engine bay, it was a bit grubby after our trip back from Sydney & also spent some time polishing pieces here and there:

    After my first show I slowly added a few pieces here and there to the car. Made to order Carbing Titanium Front Strut Brace:

    The finish on this piece is outstanding, but then again it should be for the price I paid for it haha

    I think it finished off the engine bay nicely:

    Was lucky though and after being in the right place at the right time I picked up a beautiful HKS Kansai Carbon Airbox for my intake. These are no longer made and highly sought after, who doesn't love a bit of carbon:

    Also when I bought it the previous owner had upgraded to a no name 3" catback. Pictures of it can be seen above after I gave it a good clean. I am a sucker for Titanium so that had to go, out with the old, in with the new, Tomei Ti Expreme:

    Definitely like dat ass

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    this is cool! the white wheels on silver are making me consider leaving mine white

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    White on silver is my favorite combination man, it is such a fresh look in my opinion. I have thought about painting my XD9 black but every time white just wins the debate & I keep them as they are...

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    Love it! I like the silver and white a lot. I was pretty stoked too after bagging my car and airing it up and down for the first time lol


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    ^^ Thanks man! The feeling I had that first night when we aired out the car, I was like a kid on Christmas Eve lol, definitely one of the best nights of my life...

    So the next big project I started with this car was on the CCW LM20 3 Piece Wheels I have. Back when I owned a black evo our aussie dollar was really strong against the USD. Usually it is the other way around but for about 3 months we were sitting at $1.10 AUD to the USD. I took advantage of this and ordered a set of my dream wheels, CCW LM20 3 Piece with centres milled from 7075 Billet. Back then CCW was still its own company and had not yet been bought out by WELD. The purchasing experience with CCW was amazing, they took me right through the complete process and designed and produced an offset that allowed me to fit 18x10 onto a stock body evo with 3" lips. Total process took around 2-3 months from memory but they kept me in the loop through each stage and I could not speak more highly for them as a company. Since they have been bought by WELD I am not too sure if you would get the same service, but from my point of view the process was amazing...

    I was young and naive back then though and I really treated these wheels badly. They stayed on the car as daily drivers, I never took them off to clean and also never had them ceramic coated, so when my last evo sold, they got put in the shed and left for a couple years...

    When i bought this evo i pulled the CCW out of the shed and they were looking pretty worse for wear:

    Plenty of rash on the outer lips:

    And damage from clipping a veranda post on my way into our carport one day, tears were shed

    So let the cleaning process begin:

    Next step was to have the tyres removed and then engage the experts. Dropped them past a local business Fitment Factory who put in the hard yards filling the spots where the outer lip clipped my veranda post, sanding down the rash and then polishing to their former glory:

    Until they were looking almost like new again:

    To save some money I decided to clean the ARP Studs myself. This left me a huge job of cleaning them up as they were in a disgusting state:

    Once finished I didn't want to see another dirty ARP Stud in my life

    I will never be letting these wheels get dirty ever again... Here is what they looked like the day I picked them up from Fitment Factory:

    First stop as soon as I had rubber fitted was to have them ceramic coated. This will help with water marks and keeping them clean in general:

    Now the CCW reside in the spare room if they are not on the car, and only get fitted for shoots or shows... It was a long process and took a lot of hard work but the feeling of having these bad boys restored was definitely worth it.

    I will never treat them as bad again, so i started the process of restoring them to their former glory.

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    So now that the CCW were back to their former glory, it was only natural that I enter a show with them on the car. Initially I was a little worried that polished wheels on a silver car would not look all that good, but I was pretty happy with how they turned out:

    Obligatory gas station shot before the show...

    Pulling up to the show:

    Had a hep of fun that night:

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    So small update for Evolyn, picked up a Suichuuka shift knob:

    But soon after this I ran into a big idle issue with the car... The day I arrived home with her from Sydney, I noticed some coolant on my carport. Sure enough a small hose directly above my IACV had come loose. Easy fix, but I think the leaking coolant damaged my IACV. Anyway car was fine until my wife drove it to the supermarket one day... Started fine, idled fine and then 5 minutes down the road, as my wife went to change gears it just died. Started again fine, but died immediately. Long story short my wife freaked out, and made me get in. Sure enough, if I started it without holding pressure on the gas she would die straight away... Got a local shop to take a look and they gave both the throttle body and the IACV a good clean,which improved things a little. After starting the car I'd have to hold down the gas for about 30-40 seconds before it would idle at about 600-700rpm and would then slowly build revs as the motor heated up and eventually sit at about 900rpm once fully warm.

    SO... I ordered a replacement IACV and luckily with a small tweak to the MAP it made all the difference, Evolyn was back to idling perfectly cold or warm...

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    Next up after a fairly long wait a was Voltex Carbon Exhaust Shield that arrived from Japan:

    Soon after this I caught up with someone who has turned into a really close friend, local photographer Josh Castle aka @castlecarmedia, went to a beach here in Australia searching for some sunset perfection...


    And yes, the evo got a good wash that night including a trip to the local car wash for an under body cleanse too

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