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Thread: VOLK RACING TE37 SAGA MAG BLUE 5x114.3 20x10 +25

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    Default VOLK RACING TE37 SAGA MAG BLUE 5x114.3 20x10 +25

    Used but in Mint Condition 5x114.3 5x10 +25 all around. $3000.00 Paypal add 3% or Friends & Family no additional
    $200 shipping within USA






    Forged 1pc. Wheel
    6 Spoke Design
    3-D Volk Racing logo
    Machined Stripe Lip

    Without a blink, creating the "ideal" while preserving tradition is the true essence of VOLK RACING TE37. It inherits the traditional 6 spoke design and aims for further improvement in performance. In other words, even through twenty years of history after birth, the true foundation has not changed. Continued advancements is the TE37 and the next 20 years into the future is an unknown field.

    Yet RAYS and VOLK RACNG has taken the step to realize development of the TE37SAGA to "achieve the answer in which the current era hungers. The original TE37 was developed at a time where a sports car had 280Hp, where today, power has increased to an average of 360-380Hp with torque exceeding 40 kgf m. In addition, electronic devices, improved aerodynamic cornering, and bottom speed has increased dramatically.

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