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    Hi everyone, I'm Wojtek I come from Poland and I drive a Fiat Grande Punto from 2008 with a 1.4 8v 77km engine
    My english is not very good so sorry in advance

    Well, the car has ta technix suspension, the front of the spring from BMW e36 10cm, and the rear has been cut off to go down
    I bought rims Japan Racing JR10 8.5J and 9.5J 18" With tires Nankang NS20 205/35r18 and 215/35r18
    Detaling the varnish and washing the interior to make it look something

    Swap brakes from Grande Punto Abarth

    Interior from Abarth

    Acid exhaust

    Recently I bought thresholds and a spoiler from the EVO version and 15mm distance so it will be wider and negative

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