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Thread: B6 Sedan and a B7 Avant

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    Default B6 Sedan and a B7 Avant

    Simple well thought out builds by one owner. The B6 sedan was the owners first car and meticulously maintained ever since. The itch for another car had to be scratched and that's when the avant was acquired and the work began. 170k miles meant it was due for some maintenance and after that the improvements began. Suspension, wheels, tires, color correct, ceramic coating to bring the black back to its original luster.




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    Both B6 Sedan and B7 Avant look so lovely with their original luster after completing some maintenance. I use B6 Avant as I need to get quickly to my job. I work as a content manager at and help people with writing tips, ideas, and recommendations, so I need to complete my work in time without any delays. Recently I need help with the motor for my car, and it was challenging to get quick help at the service center. That is why it would be good if you maintain your vehicle periodically for a better improvement function. By the way, B7 Avant in black color looks fantastic.

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    As for me, B7 Avant looks better than B6 Sedan. Although, these are my own preferences, maybe, because, I am a big fan of Audi RS6. Anyway, both these cars have just an incredible look. If you are, as I am, interested in Audi cars, we can have such a good discussion. You can always find me at Paper Writing Services.

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