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Thread: 16" OZ 35 hole wheel lips

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    Default 16" OZ 35 hole wheel lips

    Currently in the process of rebuilding some 16" OZ fittipaldi's.

    Struggling to find places that stock lips for them other than felgen...does anyone else know anywhere else that sells them?

    Also on the hunt for some that re-creates the OG oz decals if anyone knows of where i can source.

    Any help would be great.

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    You wont find many places that carry 16" 35h, as there is little to no demand for the size. Try VR, but I doubt they have them.

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    Hey Wyzeup, if you are looking for Fittipaldi Wheels, you can find them at 4WheelOnline. I heard that they are giving out some discounts plus free delivery which I think is a good deal.

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    This is so interesting!! Thanks for the information.

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