For sale, 950, price includes PayPal fees and shipping with insurance throughout mainland Britain. I can ship internationally, but will need to know where you are to get a quote. They are located in North Northumberland, so if you are fairly local then pickup can be arranged. I can deliver them between Edinburgh and Newcastle for fuel costs.

A set of four Italian-made BWA Largo wheels, freshly refurbished, and with a 4x108 fitment. 9x16, et30 as well, so think of Escort Cosworth wheels but with an inch more girth. That said, this set were previously fitted to an Audi 80 for that chunky retro Euro look. I've not replaced the (faded, Audi logo) gel caps so you can fit whatever you choose. Old spigot rings can be left on, but I have a set of Peugeot fitment ones which I can throw in.

Looking at the wheels, they have spaces set out for five stud fitments so could be plugged and redrilled.

These are about as rare as you'll get for 1990s wheels. I've only ever seen one other set for sale, and those were 4x100 and in Russia!

I may be open to part-exchanges for 4x100, 4x108, 5x112, 5x114.3 or other wheels, but no reps, and no cheap multifit Halfords ones worth 50 unless you're also providing a grand in cash to make up for the insult.

These are wide wheels so it's up to you to check whether they will fit your car. If you buy them and they don't fit then it's your problem, not mine.