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    Hey guys,

    Wheels and tires are really not my forte. I have a 1991 VW Jetta coupe with 16X7.5 front and 16X8 rear 3 piece Schmidt Modern Line wheels, well they are on their way to me anyhow. My issue is I can not for the life of me determine what size tires to run, I really do not want a crazy stretch but some is ok. What I do want is decent performance. Really the problem I am coming up with is if I do a 215 width tire I can not find anything with a small enough sidewall, I do not want to run a 50 series tire. The best I have found so far is a Yokohama S. Drive in 215/40R16, but is this the optimal choice for me? Any other ideas or options?

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    Rear wheels are now 8.5" wide. Although I doubt anyone will actually chime in.

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    Guess I should have asked some stupid question about how to get -6 degrees of camber.

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    I guess you didn't even look... is a great source, or even google pictures...

    Math is also a thing, 8" are 203mm(milimeter), the 205 in 205/40 is the tire width in Milimeter.

    For 7.5" a 185/45 and 205/40 for 8.5" are a good fit.

    Stock sizes i could find are 175/70 R13, 165/65 R14 and 195/50 R15.
    That's important for your speedo, the upper sizes have a 0.54% smaller circumference than the stock 195/50 R15s.
    There is also a diameter difference between the front 185/45 and the rear 205/40s, 0.4%, which is unavoidable.

    A 195/45 or 205/40 square set up could also be what you are looking for.

    Different manufactures size their tires different, look under the spec tab, the section width and tread width.

    Also a UHP tire and a regular tire may be different even with the same sizes.

    And so on.., check you facts and what you want and report back.

    (P.s: Most users are considered to have advanced knowledge, not trying to sound cocky or bossy. Just a heads up.)

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