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Thread: centerlock BBS e88 for sale/trade

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    Default centerlock BBS e88 for sale/trade

    these are sold

    Hey all
    Ive had these for a long time and am not sure if i will ever get the time to work on them so I figured I would put them up for sale or trade.

    centerlock bbs e88 18x12 / 18x15. The faces are original and could use a repolishing, but all of the parts are undamaged, straight and in great shape.

    faces pn 0288102
    Outer lips are 3” and 5.5”, black anodized
    inner barrels are 9” and 9.5” original finish
    hardware, sealing rings, and black metal valves new from bbs motorsport.

    The wheels are in excellent shape with no cracks or bends. The lips show little sign of discoloration and are the original black anodized finish. Faces are in great shape and would be good candidates for some machining/redrilling work. I can confirm, these could be plugged and re-drilled to 5 lug pattern in the range of 5x108-5x120, just no time to do so.. could also be run with center lock adapters people are making these days if you dont like the idea of modifying the faces.

    these have high pads all around and will clear all bbk, or again machined down when converting to a 5 lug pattern

    Ready for someone who wants a really rare set to build something wild out of.

    asking 1500$ picked up, 1700 shipped to the lower 48 states, or trades for something 2 or 3 piece from bbs, kinesis, compomotive, oz perhaps and can be something that needs refinishing.. nothing new 3 piece though - rotiform/ag/ccw/wci stuff like this I have absolutely zero interest in.

    pics shortly
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