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Thread: Would someone make me PrimeThanatos style rendering of my car?

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    Default Would someone make me PrimeThanatos style rendering of my car?

    I've been building this car, it's a BMW V8 powered Tbucket. It's going in for paint soon, but I'd really love to see a badass ThePrimeThanatos style synthwave/cyperpunk rendering of my project. The car is getting painted in a semi-gloss black with an offset red euro strip (passenger/right side offset).

    Thanks for checking out my project, really hope someone is inspired by my car enough to take on the rendering idea :-)

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    cant do the rendering but that nitrous bottle in the pass seat is sick lol

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    Here's a few updated pics since paint and graphics:

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    Wow since shots these look so awesome. I wish I could see this in real life.
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    Great@ find a word!

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