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Thread: Compressor broken? Viair 380c

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    Question Compressor broken? Viair 380c

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to fix my airride setup for a week, the fuse to the compressor keeps burning out (even tried 40amp).
    The compressor (Viair 380c) would run and stop when it reaches the limit (200 psi).
    But when I then pump air in the bags and the compressor should turn on the fuse burns out.
    Also when I pump the tank to 115~ psi and I turn the compressor off and on the fuse burns out.

    I found out the check valve was leaking air back to the compressor, I tought this might have caused the compressor to work too hard and get too hot and that caused the fuse to burn out. So I ordered a new check valve, it does not leak air back so thats good. But the fuse to the compressor still burns out. I also tried to directly connect the compressor to a battery booster (also with a fuse) and it burns out aswell.

    When the pressure is low (30 psi~) I can switch the compressor on and off as many times as I want but the fuse never burns.
    Does this mean my compressor is broken?

    Thanks everyone!
    Dear Regards.

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