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    Default E86 Z4 from Belgium

    Hello again. Little reintroduction because I haven't really been active for the past 3 years. Basically since I got my new car. Life got in the way of making any progress.
    So I'm Jeroen (Nicknamed Jerome since childhood), From Flanders, Belgium, so the Dutch speaking part. I work at a BMW bodyshop.

    Some of you may remember my previous car. My Carbon Black E60 525d on KW V1 and white VIP Modular VRC13 wheels.

    Drove this for 4 years, then one day a customer came by who had an accident in his E86 3.0si. After repairs got to testdrive it and I fell in love with the sporty coupe.
    So the search for a Z4 of my own could start. Eventually found it 1200km form home I was originally looking for a car in Germany, since that's not too far from home. I'm quite picky when it comes to cars and I did NOT want a black car with a hideous red interiior. Finally I found one, but after mailing back and forth a few weeks with the owner, it turned he had moved to Hungary for work. But I wanted THIS car, so after some doubt I bit the bullet and jumped on a plane to go check it out. At first when I landed in Bratislava, I was pretty sure I'd end up dead in a ditch somewhere and was considering just taking the first plane back home. But the owner of the car was already at the airport to pick me up. Turns out he was the friendliest guy I've met in my life and a real BMW enthousiast. We went to my hotel, he gave me some time to go freshen up and drop of my luggage before checking out the car. hen we went to his place, checked the car, went to diner, he and his GF showed me the town. After a nice evening they brought me back to the hotel. The next day he was there with the Z for a test drive. I was sold immediately. We made up a contract and I flew back home. The next week I flew back to pick the Z up and drive it back home.
    The reason I went through this effort is because it was the only car in the vast area that had the right color, interior and options, and this one had some nice extra's :
    - Full Bastuck exhaust
    - Grooved brake discs
    - OEM Carbon performance spoiler
    - Leather wrapped interior panels

    Previous owner putting 2 of the summer wheels in the back. the other 2 and the original exhaust got sent by delivery

    first stop somewhere in Austria

    First thing to do was change the airbag unit. The previous owner was fair enough to deduct my travel costs and the repair costs for that unit from the selling price.
    Unfortunately to get to that unit the entire interior has to come out.

    After all that I could take some decent pictures

    Bastuck exhaust

    First mod would have been wheels. I found a fix up set of 2 piece BBS RSII. These got taken apart and I polished the lips and every bolt. Originally they had fake lips glued to them. These were removed and the actual lip itself got sanded down and polished to a shine.

    Then they stayed in the basement for about two years, because winter happened. We had some unexpected snow, i didn't put the winter wheels on yet and I had 4 wheels lock up and slid into a car. Result, right front side took a pretty bad hit. Had to drive around like that for a while due to lack of funding for a repair.

    2 months after that some douchebag backed up into the other corner. This wasn't too much damage at first sight luckily, but it turned out after a while the left headlight was cracked and taking in water somewhere. So i needed another new headlight, but since I was short on funds from the previous repair, I couldn't afford a new one and I found out that second hand ones are real difficult to come by. I thought I found one online, ordered it only to find out it was a different interior color. Mine are chrome inside, this one was grey/black. I've been searching for about a year. Meanwhile did some minor stuff.

    Swapping worn OEM brake pads for Ferrodo racing pads

    this needed a clean up as well

    Much better

    Test fitted the BBS

    Way too wide

    So the BBS was a no go, I swapped them with these

    Then a miracle happened! I stumbled upon a headlight for the passenger side! Mind you, the damaged one was drivers side. BUT...... This one was the same color inside as that wrong headlight I ordered for the accident repair!
    This one got ordered immediately and placed.

    Needed a new support but no biggie

    The original headlights

    The problem : Inner electronics took water so this one was beyond repair

    The new headlights, much better


    This brings us up to date. So since the headlight conversion is my first official mod, I placed some orders and have parts coming in.
    Next up is this

    KW V2

    Found this pretty cheap. I'm gonna give it a thotough clean and put new adjusters on it.

    Parts in order as we speak

    for the future I'm looking for a new steering wheel, shifter. Might swap the front bumper for the M model. And engine is something I'm looking into. This is not the most tuning friendly engine, but maybe (hopefully) there are some people here with knowledge of the N52B30 engine (265 HP model) who can put me in the right direction, without having to put the immensely expensive turbo or supercharger kit on it.

    To be continued...
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    I really want a Z4, this ones great, the replacement headlights are so much better over the originals
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    BMW E60 appeals my attention more. Although, Z4 also looks cool.

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    Ta z4 va Ítre magnifique avec les rs2

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