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Thread: Whats up from Jersey....

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    Default Whats up from Jersey....

    What up guys, been a member for a while but forgot my old aol email password so here i am again, danny from NY-NJ

    My old ride
    hellaflush16 by daniel olivera, on Flickr

    Current ride.
    93 R32 GTST
    Will be Posting my build.. going for the low n slow.. not into the speed.
    IMG-1905 - Copy by daniel olivera, on Flickr

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    Cleannn bro, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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    thank you Ordered some wheels, so i will post pics once they get here.

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    added some new emblems, didnt like the naked look, kept on getting is that a gtr thing. didnt like the type m white sticker so went with a r33 gts emblem.

    Nissan Skyline Rear by Dan O, on Flickr

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    so did a couple of changes, went with cosmis racing wheels 18x9 et 25 with a nice 215/40/18
    also went the airforcesuspension with airlift 3p management, car rides amazing, here are a few pics below.
    IMG_3046 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3045 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3043 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3040 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3038 by Dan O, on Flickr

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    That skyline is gorgeous

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    Beautifull skyline.

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    R32 looks amazing! Loving the white on red

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    That Ls400 was sweet, that’s what I have now though it’s a ucf20

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    What's up man. Great looking Lexus. Good to see other NJ people.

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    updated pics
    1 by Dan O, on Flickr

    3 by Dan O, on Flickr

    4 by Dan O, on Flickr

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    Hey, Danny. Great change.
    I would like to see the result. Very interesting. Good luck to you.
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    Love the LS and the R32! Sad to see the big body go, but the skyline was worth it I'm sure. Two completely different cars with so many options. Looks great so far man!

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