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Thread: Whats up from Jersey....

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    Default Whats up from Jersey....

    What up guys, been a member for a while but forgot my old aol email password so here i am again, danny from NY-NJ

    My old ride
    hellaflush16 by daniel olivera, on Flickr

    Current ride.
    93 R32 GTST
    Will be Posting my build.. going for the low n slow.. not into the speed.
    IMG-1905 - Copy by daniel olivera, on Flickr

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    Cleannn bro, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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    thank you Ordered some wheels, so i will post pics once they get here.

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    added some new emblems, didnt like the naked look, kept on getting is that a gtr thing. didnt like the type m white sticker so went with a r33 gts emblem.

    Nissan Skyline Rear by Dan O, on Flickr

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    so did a couple of changes, went with cosmis racing wheels 18x9 et 25 with a nice 215/40/18
    also went the airforcesuspension with airlift 3p management, car rides amazing, here are a few pics below.
    IMG_3046 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3045 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3043 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3040 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3038 by Dan O, on Flickr

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    That skyline is gorgeous

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    Beautifull skyline.

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    R32 looks amazing! Loving the white on red

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    That Ls400 was sweet, that’s what I have now though it’s a ucf20

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    What's up man. Great looking Lexus. Good to see other NJ people.

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    updated pics
    1 by Dan O, on Flickr

    3 by Dan O, on Flickr

    4 by Dan O, on Flickr

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