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Thread: S-Cargo: 1995 UrS6 Avant

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    epic car, makes me want a big audi avant land yacht
    front needs to be dropped a few cm and you'll be golden

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    Hope everyone's having a fun quarantine and staying safe. Had some time this weekend to get the bumper mounted after figuring out how I was gonna do it. The rear Euro bumper is mounted totally differently -- the bolts go through the bumper mounts and into the frame rail from the top, accessed under the trim in the rear hatch. I had to find some M10x90mm bolts and ziptie the corners. I'm still honestly not happy with how they're mounted but this will do for now until I get them painted.

    Had to ride around bumperless for a bit!

    Here are some shots with the bumper on. I'm sorry the car is disgusting and covered in pollen but I'm stoked, I know these are subtle changes but this is the way the C4 chassis should look without all the US bullshit!

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